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Mailing labels

If you print and send cheques, quotes, orders, invoices, statements or personalised letters you may also want to print mailing labels that you can stick on the envelopes. The Print Mailing Labels function in the Card File command centre prints your contact’s name and address on sheets of adhesive mailing labels.

To print mailing labels

  1. Go to the Card File command centre and click Print Mailing Labels. The Review Labels Before Printing window appears.

    Print invoices and labels simultaneously

    When you print a batch of invoices using the Print/Email Invoices function in the Sales command centre, you can choose to print a label for each invoice.

  2. Click Advanced Filters. The Advanced Filters window appears.

  3. From the Selected Form for Mailing Label list, select the form template that best matches the size and layout of your labels and label sheets:
    Assuming an A4 page and portrait layout, the following layouts are supported:

    • 2 up (mailing labels): 2 across, 7 down (total of 14 labels per page)

    • 3 up (mailing labels): 3 across, 11 down (total of 33 labels per page)

    • 2 up (shipping labels): 2 across, 4 down (total of 8 labels per page)

  4. Make any other selections in the Advanced Filters window as required (for example, you may want to filter your contacts list to only those living within a specific postcode) and then click OK.

  5. Click in the select column next to each contact for whom you would like to print a mailing label.

  6. Click Print.

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