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Removing transactions from the print or email queue

Want to delete old transactions from your print or email queue? The same procedure applies for removing all the transactions that you can print or email, including pay slips, invoices, purchase orders, payment receipts and remittance advices. Note that you can't remove statements from the print or email queue.

If you have only a few transactions to remove

Open each transaction and change the Delivery Status to Already Printed or Sent.

You can't change the delivery status of a transaction that was recorded in a locked period or previous financial year. You'll need to unlock the period or roll back the financial year in order to do this.

If you have lots of transactions to remove

If changing the delivery status on each transaction isn't possible, or there's lots of transactions, follow one of the procedures below.

Transactions still showing after printing or emailing?

In the command centre function for the forms you want to send (for example, the Print/Email Invoices in the Sales command centre)click Advanced Filters on the To Be Emailed or To Be Printed tab and ensure the Unprinted or Unsent only option is selected.

Click OK to save the setting (just closing the window won't save your change).

If you'd like AccountRight to include a function to remove multiple transactions at once, vote for this feature on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.