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Set up AccountRight to send emails

If your company file is online, you can send emails straight from AccountRight.

If you’re using AccountRight 2015 or earlier, or your company file isn't online, you can only use Microsoft Outlook to send emails. Learn how to set up Outlook.

There are several advantages to letting AccountRight handle emails for you (instead of Microsoft Outlook), including:

Get started

Make sure your company file is online. You can then set up your email preferences from a set up assistant or from Emailing preferences. See below for instructions.

Start sending emails

Now that you're set up, take a closer look at what you can email:

To email...


Sales (invoices, quotes and orders)

Print or email sales

Purchases (bills, quotes and orders)

Print or email purchases

Remittance advices

Print or email remittance advices


Print or email customer statements


Printing and emailing reports

Pay slips (Australia only)

Print or email pay slips

Payment receipts

Printing payment receipts

A short message to a contact

Other ways to keep in touch

Manage your emails

Once you start sending emails from AccountRight, you can track whether they were sent successfully, or if any failed, using the Sent Emails window. Learn about the Sent Emails window.

Didn't go to plan?

See the tips in Email troubleshooting.