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Changing your business name and contact details

Your business name and contact details can be changed in AccountRight's Company Information window, accessible from the Setup menu.

Setup menu clicked with company information option highlighted

Information entered in the Company Information window will appear on your reports and forms. If you want to show a different name or contact details, you can customise the forms or reports and remove the default details that appear. See Personalising forms and Customising reports.

Example company information shown on an invoice

To change the...

Do this...

Company name

You can change the name in the Company Information window (maximum 40 characters, including spaces). Depending on whether your company file is stored online or locally, there's some additional steps to complete. See Manage libraries for more details.

If you need to change the business name or contact details that are on file with MYOB for your subscription, you can do so using My Account.

Serial number

Perhaps an MYOB Partner has created the file for you and entered their serial number by mistake. If you haven’t activated the file you can just change the number in the Company Information window.

But if the file is activated, you need to go to the Help menu and choose Change Serial Number (you need to be online to complete this). See Your AccountRight serial number.

Current financial year or last month

You can’t change these details in the Company Information window, but you can when you close the financial year (File menu > Close a Year > Close a Financial Year). See End of financial year tasks.


Conversion month

This was set when you created your company file and can't be changed. All opening balances you enter will be for the start of the selected month. If you need to change your conversion month, create a new company file and specify the correct conversion month.

You can't enter transactions dated before the conversion month, except for pre-conversion sales and purchases. These transactions can be entered from the Setup menu > Balances >

Customer Balances window (for sales that were outstanding on the first day of your conversion month)

Supplier Balances window (for purchases that you owed on the first day of your conversion month).

Accounting periods

This was set when you created your company file and can't be changed.

A.B.N., T.F.N. and A.C.N details


[Australia only]

If you need to change your ABNTFN or ACN details after creating your company file, you can do it here.

If you submit Instalment Activity Statements and you don't have an ABN, you need to enter your TFN (Tax File Number).

An A.B.N Branch is sometimes referred to as a GST branchLearn more about GST branches on the ATO website.

Payee Number


[M-Powered Invoice users only, Australia]

The Payee Number is provided to you by MYOB if you're using M-Powered Invoices. It's a unique number that identifies payments for your business, so don't change it unless advised by MYOB.

If you need to know your Payee Number, please contact product support.

Old details still showing on forms?

If you've changed some details in the Company Information window but the old details are still showing on your forms, such as your invoices, it means the details have been added to the form in a text box. To change it, you'll need to open the customised form and edit the text box.


Why am I getting a message about a valid Payee Number when printing or emailing?


The message "You have selected an invoice form which includes fields that require a valid Payee Number" means you're trying to print the form using an M-Powered form template (these have names beginning with MPS).

Example message about payee number

To prevent this message appearing, choose a different form to print the invoice (one which doesn't start with MPS).

If you've customised the M-Powered invoice form, you'll need to re-customise the invoice using a non-MPS form as the basis.