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Changing and resetting user passwords

Passwords are one way you can help keep your company information secure. All company file users should have a password and change it from time to time.

First, let's clarify which password you need to change or reset.

  • When signing in here, use your MYOB account email address and password

    sign in to MYOB
  • When signing in here, use your company file offline User ID and password. (The User ID is never an email address)

    AccountRight company file sign in window

OK, here's how to reset or change these passwords.

Does your Administrator user account have a password?

When you create a company file, an Administrator user account is set up for you, but no password is assigned. You should immediately assign a password for the Administrator using either of the methods described above, to ensure the security of your file. Anyone who signs on to the company file using the Administrator User ID, or any User ID that has the administrator role assigned to it, will have complete access to all the information and features in your file.