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Undoing a bank reconciliation

If you need to, you can undo the last reconciliation you completed.

If you need to undo multiple reconciliations, or a reconciliation that you completed earlier than the last one, you can keep undoing the most recent reconciliation until you reach the one you need to undo.

Need to undo a single reconciled transaction?

If it was auto-reconciled via bank feeds or an imported bank statement, you'll need to unmatch the transaction. If the transaction was manually reconciled, you'll need to undo the reconciliation it belongs to - see the steps below.

Undoing an auto-reconciled transaction

If a transaction has been incorrectly auto-reconciled, you can unmatch it. Go to the Banking menu > Bank transactions, then click the unmatch ( ) icon in the Match or allocate column for that transaction (you need to hover your mouse over the transaction in the Allocate or match column for the ( ) to appear).

You can then match it correctly.

Learn more about matching and unmatching transactions.