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See what's on your To Do List

The To Do List automatically pulls information from different areas of AccountRight to help you quickly see what needs your attention. For example, if you have slow paying customers that need chasing up, or are running out of stock of a popular item and you need to order more, the To Do List makes taking care of these tasks easy.

Access the To Do List from the bottom of any command centre.

Display the To Do List each time you open your company file

There's a preference that makes this happen (Setup > Preferences > Windows tab > Display the To Do List when opening your company file).


Here’s what you can track in the To Do List window (Command Centre > To Do List):

  • Accounts Receivable—see which customers you need to contact about late payments

  • Accounts Payable—see which bills you need to hurry up and pay

  • Recurring transactions, sales and purchases—see which transactions are due next

  • Expiring discounts—don’t miss out on discounts your suppliers are offering for early payment

  • Sales orders and purchase orders—see which customer orders still haven’t been fulfilled, or purchase orders you haven’t received items for

  • Stock alerts—see the items you need to order more of, or build

  • Contact alerts—you can get a reminder to contact your customers, suppliers and other contacts, based on the recontact date in the contact log.

Print your To Do List for easier follow-up

Click Print at the top of the To Do List window to display a report of what you're seeing. You can then export the report in various formats.