Manually updating your software for the GST increase

With the GST increase and tax changes on 1st October, the best way to ensure your business is fully up-to-date is to upgrade your software.

You should also think about the benefits of joining MYOB businesSUPPORT. Not only will this give you access to our expert local support team by phone, live chat or email, you’ll also get any updates to your software while you are on a support plan – including our latest GST and tax releases.

If you are not ready to update your software, you can make some manual updates for GST in your existing software. To help you through this, we have provided detailed support notes in our knowledgebase.

Of course, the GST and tax changes affect a number of areas, including returns and reports, which is why MYOB and our accounting partners recommend you upgrade your software. For help with any manual changes or updates to your software, MYOB has a network of Approved Partners around the country who can provide further support.