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Peking Duk Serve Snails in Epic Bondi Live Performance

Aussie musos Peking Duk have officially launched their wildest business venture yet, an escargot food truck, celebrating with Bondi locals – and four Kiwi guests – yesterday over a special free live performance at The Bondi Pavilion.

Serving snails out the window of their freshly named food truck courtesy of the public, “Escar on the Go”, locals lined up for the chance to try the lads’ scrumptious escargot menu which featured samples of:

  • Bondi Shells – Classic French escargot sautéed with garlic and herb butter

  • Slow 'n' Steady Pasta – Spaghettini tossed with escargot, black truffle, butter emulsion,parsley and parmesan

Leading business management platform MYOB challenged Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles to inspire budding entrepreneurs to kick-start their own business dreams after the 2023 MYOB Belief Barometer found 80 per cent of Kiwis have had at least one business idea, but only 50 per cent went on to start one.

With help from MYOB and the public, who voted on the businesses name and menu, the boys had much to say about seeing their business venture in flight.

“We’re no stranger to bringing our fans along for the ride with our wild ideas, but launching an escargot food truck might just take the cake – even for us!” said Styles.

“Born from a lightbulb moment at kick-ons, to now selling out to over a period of 3 hours at the iconic Bondi Pavilion, we couldn’t be more stoked. It just goes to show what the power of self-belief and the right support tools can do for even the most unusual ideas,” added Hyde.

When asked what inspired the partnership, newly appointed CEO at MYOB, Paul Robson, said: “We knew we had to find someone who could think outside the business box, and were thrilled to support Adam and Reuben as they brought their latest business venture to life. While the escargot food truck is testament to the duo’s creativity, we hope this challenge demonstrates to anyone who has ever started a sentence with ‘what if…’, to dare to dream big and unleash their business potential.”

MYOB and Peking Duk also hosted four Kiwis as part of the event, as part of a prize for two local women selected for their own creative business ideas.

Konny Lowe from Auckland was chosen from a wide range of budding local entrepreneurs for her dog café concept.

“I came up with the dog cafe idea because I’m a huge dog lover,” says Konny. “We’ve got cat cafes in Auckland but nothing with dogs! I’d love to set up a place where you can chill, drink a coffee and hang out with a puppy or two.

“It’s my first time in Australia and I’ve absolutely loved it. I’ve never tried snails before, but coming here has encouraged me to give it a try; it’s like an upgraded version of mushrooms!”

Jessi Reilly, also from the Auckland region, wants to help young people through her concept of an equine community centre.

“I live rurally and the idea to open an equine community centre came to me because there’s not really access to services like this out there. I’d love to create a place where young people can experiment with cooking, play with a pony… things you wouldn’t expect,” says Jess.

“It’s a pretty massive small business idea, but I’ve been really inspired by this competition. Saying it out loud made me realise it’s possible and I can do it, if I take it step by step.”

The chance to hang out with Peking Duk was also a highlight for Jess and friend Sara. “It’s been really incredible; totally surreal. This trip is not something I’d be able to achieve by myself, so it’s great to be here.”

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About the MYOB Belief Barometer

The 2023 MYOB Belief Barometer was conducted via online survey by Empirica Research on behalf of MYOB. The survey sampled 1,000 nationally representative New Zealanders (aged 18 – 65+ years) from 16 January 2023 to 20 January 2023. Quotas were maintained on region, gender, and age to ensure a robust and diverse cross-section of opinions were obtained. The research has a maximum margin of error of 3%.

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