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MYOB makes tax time easy. So you blast through EOFY.

Say goodbye to financial fears and access all the essential dates and information you need to prepare for EOFY like a pro.

Specific queries concerning taxation should be consulted with an accountant or taxation adviser†

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Prepare for a successful EOFY with MYOB

Cloud-based MYOB Business software syncs from desktop to mobile.

Welcome to the 2024 End of Financial Year! Let's tackle it together. As a valued MYOB customer, we're dedicated to ensuring a seamless tax season for your business.

Access our helpful guides, key dates and live webinars to prepare for EOFY and the upcoming financial year with confidence.

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Stay ahead with the key EOFY dates you need to know

Unsure when you need to make payments for GST, income tax and employer deductions to the IR? We've created a handy overview for you right here.

February key dates

February 5

  • Employer deductions payment due for 16 to 31 January

  • FBT income year and payment are due

  • End of year income tax and Working for Families bills are due, unless yor tax agent has an extension

20 February

  • Employer deductions payment due for January for small to medium employers

  • Employer deductions payment due for 1 to 15 February for large employers

28 February

  • Provisional tax payments are due if you use the ratio option

  • Provisional tax instalments due if you use AIM option and file GST on monthly, two-monthly or six–monthly basis or you are not registered for GST GST return and payment due

Note: If a due date falls on a weekend or public holiday you can file or pay on the next business day without incurring penalties.

Preparing for EOFY with MYOB has never been easier

Use these handy resources for a step-by-step guidance to help you understand your tax time tasks and breeze through EOFY.

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Your MYOB software checklist for this EOFY

Use this checklist to help you navigate the end-of-year process in MYOB Business and MYOB AccountRight and prepare for the year ahead.

Download EOFY Checklist

MYOB Help resources:

View End of Financial Year Tasks

View End of Payroll Year Tasks

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Live Webinar: EOFY Reconcile your business accounts (Business owners)

Date: Tuesday 12 March at 1pm


Date: Wednesday 20 March at 12pm


Compliance changes in the 2024-2025 Financial Year


From 1 April 2024 the following compliance changes will take effect:

  • Minimum wage will increase to $23.15

  • Updated ACC earner levy rate and thresholds for 2024-2025 financial year

  • Updated student loan thresholds for the 2024-2025 financial year

If you use MYOB Business, keeping up to date with compliance changes is easy. Your software will be automatically updated to reflect these changes.

If you use any desktop version of MYOB including Ace Payroll or NZ Payroll, make sure you download the latest release to ensure your software is up to date with the latest compliance changes.

Desktop software compliance updates

MYOB Ace Payroll

The 2024-25 release is now available. Download here

MYOB Payroll

The 2024-25 release is now available. Download here

Is this your first EOFY with MYOB Business?

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MYOB Business learning course

Take this short learning course to refresh your knowledge of MYOB Business. Take advantage of powerful features, smart workflows and automation opportunities to get the best experience for your business with minimum effort.

Duration: 30 mins

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Get help whenever you need it with these easy options

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Frequently asked questions

How to access reports in MYOB Business?


You can access reports via the Reporting menu > Reports

Use the menus at the top to filter the reports based on what you’d like to look at (e.g., Business, Banking or Payroll reports).

When viewing a report you can easily save them for access later by selecting Export in the top right corner and exporting as a PDF or Excel file.

Why do my reports look different in MYOB Business?


Reports look a little different in MYOB Business, as they have been updated with a cleaner look and some report names have changed. A couple of reports have had more significant changes.

In the Balance sheet, unallocated bank feed transactions are not included in the account balances. This is different from MYOB Essentials which previously included the unallocated transactions.

If you use payroll, your Leave transaction report will only start showing balances once you start processing pay runs in MYOB Business that have leave processed. The report’s opening balance will be the previous current available balance in MYOB Essentials. If you wish to look at the details further back you will need to refer to the Leave report saved from your MYOB Essentials.

The Payroll activity and Pay item transaction reports have had a recent change where the date filters are now based on the payment date of the pay run, instead of being based on the pay period dates.

How to access the compliance release for desktop payroll software?


You can find the updates for Ace Payroll and MYOB Payroll from our downloads page under Other software download:

These will be available late March, keep an eye out for an email from us when they are ready.

Ace Payroll can also be updated from within the software. Select Utilities > Ace Payroll Online > Download An Upgrade. Tick that you agree with the terms and follow the prompts.

MYOB Payroll can also be downloaded from my.MYOB under My Products > Download

How do I provide my employee with a summary of their earnings for the financial year?


The Payroll activity report is like the Employee earnings certificate, as it shows the total earnings, tax and deductions for the period it is run for.

Filter the report to show an individual employee, select a Date range of This financial year and select Expand all to get detailed information about an employee’s earnings. You can then provide this as a PDF to the employee.

When can I process my pay run?


Any pay runs that have a payment date of 1 April 2024 will need to be processed on or after this date (you cannot process a pay run in the new financial year in advance).

How do I upgrade MYOB Business?


You don’t need to do anything, the software will update in the background midnight 31 March 2024.