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Transform the way you pick, pack and ship

Manage order fulfilment with full visibility as to who has picked the order, who packed it, and when it was dispatched.

A render of two barcodes, with the words 'scan items' superimposed over the top.

Enhance accuracy and efficiency with barcode scanning

Improve the accuracy of outbound shipment information and automatically update stock levels with MYOB CRM’s barcode scanning capabilities.
Actively reduce manual data entry errors and streamline your operations.

A render of a stock window, with the "in backorder" column highlighted.

Effortless backorder management

Manage backorders with ease, ensuring that you can make the sale, invoice or fulfil orders later when the items become available.
And with the single click of a button, fulfil multiple sales orders without a hassle.

A render of a products screen inside MYOB CRM.

Track products with precision using serialised stock

Serialised inventory tracking allows the tracking of individual items by assigning unique identifiers or serial numbers.
This enables real-time tracking, from the point of production to the point of sale or delivery, enabling better customer service and warranty management.

A render of the MYOB CRM stock screen, with the column "location" in focus.

Simplify your multi-warehouse operations

Operate from multiple warehouse locations and maintain a clear overview of stock levels across all your facilities.
Inventory management with MYOB CRM ensures that you’re always in control, no matter how many locations you manage.

See MYOB CRM in action

Watch a MYOB CRM demo, tailored to your business needs

Choose which features you’d like to know more about, and we'll instantly send you a personalised demo of MYOB CRM specific to your business needs.

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The CRM that’s packed with features

Streamline your purchase order process with MYOB CRM inventory management software. Replenish stock and order per-customer needs, ensuring that you have the right inventory levels to meet demands.

A render of the purchase orders screen in MYOB CRM.

We’ll meet you where you are

MYOB CRM plays nicely with the tools you already use.

No need to leave the nest

In addition to other MYOB services, MYOB CRM integrates with leading e-Commerce, accounting, tax and payment solutions, including Xero, Stripe and more. Plug in your favourite business management apps and keep your company soaring.

A render of the products screen in MYOB CRM, with the "batch number" column in focus.

Enhanced product visibility with batch tracking

Enhance the visibility and traceability of your products for orders or recalls with MYOB CRM’s batch tracking feature.
Be well-prepared for any compliance requirements and respond to recalls promptly.

Watch a MYOB CRM demo, tailored to your business needs

Watch a demo

Answering your frequently asked questions about MYOB CRM Pick, Pack, Ship

What is a CRM?


A CRM is also known as a Customer Relationship Management platform. CRMs bring together all of your business activities and provide a complete view of your customer interactions. They also help you manage data you can share with other CRM users in your business. CRM systems are ideal in situations where companies have either lots of customers, products or services.

Why do businesses need CRM software?


CRM software is an essential, multi-purpose tool that assists businesses with tasks including sales activities. MYOB CRM provides solutions for many of those common, yet vital, business tasks, including enhanced customer relationships, streamlined sales processes, improved customer service, data organisation, targeted marketing, analytics and reporting, automation, scalability, collaboration, competitive advantage, cost savings, customer retention.

How much does MYOB CRM cost?


MYOB CRM offers affordability for businesses of all types and sizes. Subscriptions are straightforward, with the flexibility to choose between a monthly plan at AUD $85 per user per month + GST or an annual subscription at AUD $65 per user per month + GST, which is billed annually.

To ensure your business gets off to a successful start from day one, there is a one-time onboarding fee of $600 +GST. This fee covers the setup assistance and provides everything your business requires to confidently begin using MYOB CRM. For comprehensive pricing details, please visit our pricing page.

Which MYOB accounting software versions does MYOB CRM work with?


MYOB CRM integrates with a range of MYOB accounting packages, including MYOB Essentials, MYOB Business Lite and Pro, AccountRight Plus and Premier.

Can I customise MYOB CRM software to fit my specific business needs?


Absolutely! MYOB CRM software is an adaptable tool and flexible in the way you use it to suit business needs. Unlike other CRM systems that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, MYOB CRM offers different tools allowing you to seamlessly integrate into your existing business processes. It doesn't require you to change how you work, instead, it changes to fit your unique workflow. With the ability to change field names, use the admin console to change elements of your CRM, MYOB CRM is able to align with your industry, practices, and preferences, empowering your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

What are the key features of inventory management software?


MYOB CRM's inventory management software offers a range of powerful features, including:

Multi-location inventory management, real-time stock updates, purchase order management, inventory reporting, barcode scanning, multi-currency support and more.

How do I create a product in MYOB CRM?


Creating products in inventory management software by MYOB CRM is an essential step before tracking your stock.

An item can be either a physical unit that your company buys, sells, or stock or a service that you want to include on item invoices, such as 'On-site service fee,' 'Handling,' '1-hour consultation,' and more.

If you have inventory details stored in a spreadsheet, you can import them into AccountRight using an import template to expedite the process.

It's also possible to update an item's details, including buying or selling prices, and you can delete or deactivate items that haven't been used.

Where can I find additional MYOB support?


Visit or contact our support team via email ( for help and assistance with MYOB CRM. The team is based in Australia and will quickly respond directly to you. Support is currently available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, (Sydney time).

How can I find out more?


Watch a personalised demo of MYOB CRM for a comprehensive walkthrough of all the features and learn how MYOB CRM can help improve your business.