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Small Business Reports

White paper: New Zealand SMEs and Digitisation

New modelling highlights significant potential business returns and economic gains from increased levels of digitisation amongst New Zealand’s SMEs. The MYOB white paper also explores opportunities to support more SMEs to realise these benefits. 

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New Zealand's SMEs - 2022

With around 550,000 SMEs in NZ, these businesses are at the heart of our economy and communities. MYOB has combined its latest insights – based on the MYOB Business Monitor – as well as Government data sources, to create a picture of the average New Zealand SME in 2022.

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The Digital Disconnection Challenge 2022

A new report from MYOB highlights half of New Zealand’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are experiencing a disconnection between digital applications which is costing businesses time, money and resources, and posing a strategic risk.

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MYOB SME Mental Health Report 2022

New insights from the MYOB 2022 Business Monitor has revealed around a third (32%) of New Zealand SME owners and operators have experienced a mental health condition since starting or taking over their business.

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SME Economic Year in Review 2021

In each quarter of 2021, MYOB tracked the business performance and economic outlook of local SMEs. An interactive infographic and report has been created to highlight the key factors influencing economic confidence in New Zealand over the past year.

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Mid-market reports

Digitisation in the mid-market

The MYOB mid-market report highlights the investment benefits local businesses are seeing in business management software and applications. However, outdated systems are still costing the sector signifcantly with time and expertise being a major barrier to digitisation adoption. 

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Making Advances: Performance and innovation in Mid-market manufacturing businesses

A new report from MYOB reveals the performance and priorities of some of New Zealand’s mid-market manufacturers which shows a brighter business outlook and increased economic optimism for the months ahead.

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Bold Ambition: Mid-market businesses in 2022

A new report from MYOB reveals the outlook for 2022 for mid-market businesses following a strong 2021. Top ambitions show growth on home soil and abroad is firmly on the agenda, while changes to operations will continue as businesses brace for workforce and supply challenges.      

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Seizing Advantage: The technology pivot ANZ businesses must make

A new study on the mid-market commissioned by MYOB shows organisations are losing up to one and a half days per employee per week, due to ineffective digital solutions. This comes at an extra cost to each business of roughly $2.2million (NZD) per year. 

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Government Insights

Budget 2021 - SME Summary

The Government's Budget 2021 saw sweeping social investment targeting benefits, education, and health as part of a broad focus on New Zealanders' wellbeing.

But what did it deliver for small business?

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MYOB Government Performance Snapshot Report 2021

After a strong showing in last year’s General Election, Labour is losing its appeal with small business, according to a new MYOB poll which reveals SMEs’ growing dissatisfaction with the current government.

The MYOB 2021 Government Performance Snapshot – a survey of nearly 800 local SME business owners and decision-makers - found that nearly half (45%) of New Zealand’s SMEs are dissatisfied with the Government’s overall performance since they won the General Election in October 2020, while nearly two-in-five (39%) SMEs said they are satisfied.

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