Security recommendations

Protecting your confidential information

Unless you take adequate security precautions, it could be possible for an unauthorised person to gain access to your MYOB company file to use or view your information. You can reduce this risk by taking appropriate steps to protect access to your company file.

Here are a few simple ways you can protect your files.

Password protect your computer

Ensure that the computer that stores your company file is secure. You can do this by giving each user that has access to the computer a unique user account and password. This ensures that only the people you authorise can log in to your computer.
Use strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed by others. Strong passwords are at least eight characters long and include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Password protect your MYOB company file

What activities are provided within product support?

Exo Knowledgebase online self-help portal

The online Exo Knowledgebase is a self-help online support portal provided to help resolve common issues. Resources provided by the portal include articles, FAQs, Hints & Tips and troubleshooting guides. The Exo Knowledgebase can be accessed here: Access to the Exo Knowledgebase is available to all MYOB Enterprise Solutions Partners as well as those MYOB Exo Employer Services direct clients.

Technical assistance via MYOB Enterprise support desk

Technical Assistance coverage is the service provided by MYOB Enterprise Support desk. This is available to all MYOB Enterprise Solutions Partners as well as those MYOB Exo Employer Services direct clients with a valid support plan. 

The MYOB Enterprise Division Technical Support Team is a skilled multi-tiered support desk structured with an aim to provide quick, professional assistance for all of the Exo product range.  The team works to ensure that support requests are thoroughly reviewed, assigned and/or responded to according to their severity and priority. 

The service request is the central source of information that allows for incidents to be worked upon by the MYOB Enterprise Support desk and if required be progressed through to Product Management and Product Development for prioritisation in context of the relevant product roadmap.

Hot Fix support

The main aim of a Hot Fix is to address a critical item, which is isolated to an explicit area of the product, for a specific client situation. A Hot Fix is usually not distributed outside the client’s organisation and is typically rolled into the next release.

The decision to generate a Hot Fix is solely at the discretion of MYOB and MYOB would work closely with the affected Enterprise Solution Partner or Client. 

Enhancement requests

Enhancement requests can be logged by partners or clients where they would like the product to work in a different way to which it’s currently designed. MYOB records all requests for product enhancements and forwards to the Product Management and Development teams to consider for inclusion in forthcoming releases. 

Service Pack support

As part of MYOBs commitment to continually improve product quality, updates and fixes are generated and released for identified issues.  These are generally released more frequently than full product releases to provide a continual stream of product improvements. In order to easily distribute and update these changes, they are combined into a single package (called a service pack) which is then made available within a single installation task.

Service Packs are provided to allow for simple implementation, making it a lot easier and less error-prone than continually installing a high number of patches individually. A Service Pack would usually also contain any previous Hot Fixes that may have arisen following a full version release. 

Environmental updates

MYOB Enterprise Solutions software must co-exist with technologies currently in the market or being developed by other software manufacturers. Common examples of these programs include the Operating System (Microsoft Windows) and Database Management system (Microsoft SQL Server). In some instances, MYOB Enterprise Solutions software is also dependant on the features and services provided by these technologies (also referred to as 'Environments').

MYOB has an on-going Environment Compatibility process that tests the software on commonly-used current environments so that clients can be confident in its effective operation. Environments are deemed compatible based on our testing methodology, test results and information received from the relevant manufacturer. 

MYOB aims to complete compatibility of appropriate emerging environments within six months of the manufacturer's release of the product. MYOB recommends that clients do not operate MYOB Enterprise Solutions software on new environments until a statement is published on the successful completion of the compatibility. With this in mind, changes to support the new environmental platforms will only occur within the latest fully supported version.

View the MYOB Enterprise Division Compatible Environmental Roadmap