Job Cost Management

Get the visibility and financial insights that bigger businesses need for smooth-sailing, profitable projects.

At a glance

Allocate time, resources, materials, purchases and revenues to jobs and projects with greater precision. Flexible Job Structures offer you a variety of different mechanisms to accommodate the most complex requirements. Each job can have multiple customers and work centres, as well as unlimited sub-jobs. 

Benefits and features

  • The tools that managers need to define and view job status and profitability
  • Improve responsiveness and deliver market-leading SLAs
  • Continually build greater efficiency and cost controls
  • Enterprise-wide control with integration across MYOB Greentree modules, including Payroll 
  • Flexible Job Structures to suit and manage the most sophisticated job setups
  • Get an accurate, real-time picture of costs and revenue at any time

Get the MYOB Greentree job cost management information pack



Job Cost

Provides visibility and insight into any job or project that your company embarks on. Flexible real-time reporting on the costs, status and profitability of each job provides the necessary information each manager needs for success.


Advanced Job Cost

Further enhance job-management effectiveness with the Advanced Job Cost add-on. Strengthen organisational accountability with expanded control over complicated or longterm project costs, revenue and retention.


Timesheets – Mobile

Accurately record time against projects both in the office or remotely. Timesheets are easily configurable to organisational variables while alerts will help to run a tight ship.


Microsoft® Project Interface

Using Microsoft® Project for task and resource planning? Link it with MYOB Greentree for easy, real-time access to information around resources, tasks, estimates and job completion rates.


Visual Planning Board

Provides a graphical view of what staff are working on, giving managers a visual way to allocate work and maximise productivity. Identify staff who are over capacity, re-assign and shift resource as required.