Exo Time and Attendance

A time capture solution that streamlines your payroll.

At a glance

MYOB Exo Time and Attendance helps you keep on top of absenteeism and tardiness by automatically calculating your employees’ hours and presenting you with an accurate picture of who’s working in your business, and when.

Designed for any company that roster employees, Exo Time and Attendance allows you to track your labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed management and accounting reports.

Better still, it helps to provide a historical view of time and attendance for your workforce.

Features and Benefits

  • Process weekly totals automatically (and transfer to MYOB Exo Payroll)
  • Forecast payroll costs based on schedules
  • Calculate a wide range of allowances
  • Track labour costs
  • View a full history for each employee
  • Use as a single or multi-user system

We recommend using with this ...

Exo Payroll - to automatically calculate accurate earnings, taxes, and deductions.

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