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 Greentree Platinum Partner


MYOB Advanced:
 Advanced Business Standard  
 Advanced Plus 

MYOB Greentree: 

Company information

Age of company: Founded in 1989
Number of employees: 40
Total number of clients: 300

About us

Endeavour's commitment to their clients is about having the right people in place to understand their business, communicate clearly and honestly, and take responsibility for getting a great result. Among the range of software solutions they offer are MYOB Advanced and MYOB Greentree, two solutions that have been implemented for their clients with great success.

Endeavour’s aim is to ensure their clients have the information they need to make faster, smarter decisions. To be able to ‘join the dots’ right across an organisation is something they have been successfully helping businesses do for over 30 years.

Primary Industry Expertise: 

  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Engineering & Custom Manufacturing
  • Horticulture

Secondary Industry Expertise:

  • Automotive
  • Field Service & Equipment maintenance
  • Sporting industries
  • Professional Services
  • Not-for-profit    


  • 2021 New Zealand Excellence in Business Development – MYOB Advanced
  • 2020 New Zealand Excellence in Business Development – MYOB Greentree
  • 2019 New Zealand Partner of the Year
  • 2019 New Zealand Excellence in Business Development – MYOB Advanced
  • 2018 New Zealand Partner of the Year
  • 2018 New Zealand Excellence in Business Development – MYOB Greentree
  • 2017 New Zealand Partner of the Year
  • 2017 New Zealand Excellence in Business Development

Meet the partner

 Tim Ryley


Tim Ryley

CEO, Endeavour

"We focus on cutting the jargon and complexity out of the IT industry out for our clients, and instead focus on outcomes that add value and assist them to be successful. By doing this we have been helped many companies achieve their goals through effective business software deployments, sensible decisions and strong return on investments. I take great pride in seeing our clients succeed and knowing that we played a small part in helping that happen."

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