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Company information

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Age of company: Founded in 1995
Number of employees: 13
Total number of clients: Over 200

About us

Acclaim Group Limited originated in 1993 as Acclaim Datasystems, specialising in sales and support of new and existing computer systems, primarily in networked environments.

Acclaim quickly developed a reputation as a service orientated company with a good knowledge of both our clients’ technical needs and an understanding of how technology can become an integral part of their overall business.

In 1995 Acclaim Data Systems became Acclaim Group Limited, altering our market position from primarily a hardware and network vendor, to a business solutions provider.

Acclaim has since become one of the most established ERP solution providers in New Zealand with a focus on developing solutions that seamlessly centralised all business information and devices back to the MYOB Exo or MYOB Advanced ERP system.

Our team excel in creating innovative solutions for our prospects and providing new technology and insights to our customers.

Primary Industry Expertise:

  • Manufacturing and General Services
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Professional Services

Secondary Industry Expertise:

  • Apparel
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health and Beauty
  • Building and Trades
  • Project or Job Costing


  • 2022 Excellence in Business Development

Meet the partner

Nial Greenstock

Nial Greenstock

Managing Director, Acclaim Group Limited

"In the 25 years that Acclaim has been in business we have been privileged to work with and help our clients succeed through changing landscapes. The Acclaim team understand what is important to business and use their extensive technical skill and knowledge to provide innovative and effective solutions to ensure our clients are ready for whatever lies ahead."

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“We spent five months with the team at Acclaim, working on the various options before we started implementing the EXO package, including talking to government agencies to ensure we were going to be managing the acquisition of confidential data accurately.”

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Doyle Sails

“To be able to receive a group wide overview of each company, make comparisons and decisions around spend and growth is incredible. At the moment we’re using spreadsheets and manual comparisons, so being able to use EXO to create reporting is a natural, and desired next step.”

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Signature Marketing

“From day dot they understood our business. You could tell they came in to our first meeting prepared, and ready to help. Instead of being sales focussed, they were solution focussed. All they wanted to do was find the best solution to meet our needs.”

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