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GX2 achieves high speed success

gx2 Technology


Considering the incredible pace of change within the field of IT, and the relatively short lifespan of many companies, GX2 Technology is regarded as one of the industry’s ongoing success stories. Established way back in 1997 and originally known as ‘Global Gossip’ before a name change, GX2 Technology is an IT Services company that has been at the leading edge of designing, developing, implementing and maintaining WiFi networks for a range of tourism and commercial clients, from Hotels and Backpacker resorts to Conference Centres. GX2 Technology currently employ 50 staff who are spread across offices in Australia, Fiji, NZ, UK and the US.

gx2 Technology

Improving the invoicing

Invoicing is at the financial heart of every business, ensuring cash flow keeps flowing, so it’s vital that every aspect of this function runs smoothly. For 6 years GX2 Technology had been using Accounts IQ. While they liked the fact that it was an online system, the greatest pain point for GX2 was the lack of usability of the data once exported. It meant there was no easy facility to make changes to the system for things such as the layout of an invoice, so they had to go to Accounts IQ to get any changes made.

Also, the audit trail was unreliable and essential support was based in Ireland which meant that most problems were an “overnight fix” which didn’t help productivity or anxious clients. Cara O’Neill, Chief Financial Officer of GX2 says, “As a business that prides ourselves on delivering the very best Wi-Fi communications solutions, we demand that every aspect of our own technology is equal to what we provide our clients.”

"With the new system (Advanced) we don’t have to worry about multiple currencies anymore. It’s no longer a big deal!"
gx2 Technology

Functionality and flexibility

Given the large capital outlay involved GX2 did their homework. After getting some negative feedback regarding a couple of management systems, they decided to put a query through the MYOB website. It soon became apparent that MYOB Advanced Business was in fact the ideal fit for GX2’s needs.

Being online was obviously one of the mandatories in choosing MYOB Advanced Business, but it was the other key features, like consolidating accounts for multiple companies, the flexibility of multi-currency management, the project management functionality and inventory management that “sealed the deal” for GX2.

"Advanced has been fantastic for our accounts team, we’ve saved days of effort by automating repetitive manual tasks."
gx2 Technology

MYOB Advanced is taking GX2 forward

In terms of adapting to the new system, it took about 3 months of using MYOB Advanced for the team within the primary trading company (Australia) to become completely familiar with it. GX2 have now replicated the introduction process with all of their other trading companies around the globe.

GX2’s decision to change to MYOB Advanced has been rewarding says Cara O’Neill, “We’ve improved workflow as well as having greater visibility into all aspects of our business, particularly inventory. We’re finding there’s a lot less reliance now on spreadsheets, which makes life so much easier.” Because Advanced has allowed GX2 to take a lot of information off spreadsheets more information is readily shared across the business rather than being stuck with one person.


  • Lack of flexibility to conveniently make changes to the system
  • Unreliable audit trail
  • Support was located remotely and the time difference impacted efficiency


  • The ability to customise invoices across businesses and countries
  • The flexibility of easy multi-currency management
  • System can be adjusted and set for different tax structures in multiple countries

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