MYOB Advanced adds some much needed muscle to a growing nutrients company.

MYOB Advanced helps ATP Science move into the export market by streamlining their business software.



ATP Science is Brisbane-based manufacturer and distributor of nutrition and body-building products. In recent years, the company has achieved phenomenal business growth, averaging a massive 200-300% per annum. This hard-earned growth has seen the company look to new horizons, moving seriously into the export market, a feat it says could never have achieved without its MYOB Advanced Cloud-based ERP system.


Systems not communicating.

When ATP decided to set up its own manufacturing plant, with a plan to go international, the limitations of its legacy business systems became apparent. Using Cloud-based DEAR software for inventory management and purchase orders, and Xero for financial management was a nightmare.

When they started their own manufacturing things got worse — the legacy systems couldn’t put together a manufacturing run or create a product from a set of ingredients and follow it all the way through to inventory with costings, etc. 

"When we started manufacturing, our nightmare increased tenfold."

Integration delivered via the Cloud

To fulfil its exporting ambitions ATP needed a single solution that solved all the problems, and it had to be a Cloud-based system for convenience, so everything on the IT side could be managed internally.

After consulting AusIndustry, a division of the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, ATP were introduced to Momentum and MYOB Advanced. The problems and needs were discussed and subsequently a solution was created, with the key attraction for ATP being the integrated JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) module, which streamlines the process of filling batch orders with pre-configured lists of materials.


"The integrated inventory and financial control were the biggest things for us."

A huge boost for business

The impact MYOB Advanced has had on the business was apparent from day one and ATP has only just started realising its full capabilities. These days, Accounts, Warehousing and Production all integrate with each other, and paperwork has virtually been eliminated.

Reports are now much more easily accessible, with MYOB Advanced offering an unprecedented level of information, while cash flow analysis is also vastly improved. In terms of expanding the business, forecasting can be done for the year ahead which is especially important for ATP who have a strong focus on growth.  

"It all just makes sense, and we keep coming up with ways to tweak our processes to make ourselves more efficient."


  • Disparate, non-communicative systems
  • Financial data not trusted
  • Stock-taking inaccurate
  • Too much manual processing
  • No scope to handle rapid growth


  • Complete integration of Manufacturing, Distribution and Financials
  • Accurate data at a glance
  • Manual processing and paperwork gone
  • Reporting and analysis on the spot
  • Sound approval process
  • Scalable cloud solution to grow with their business

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