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VCS laboratory puts MYOB PayGlobal under microscope

16 November 2023

With support for it's old system ending, Victorian Cytology Service (VCS) needed a new payroll solution. Moving to MYOB PayGlobal meant the organisation not only gained a fast, accurate payroll system, they also automated timesheet processing and reporting.



Founded in 1965, the Victorian Cytology Service (VCS) is a government-funded pathology laboratory specialising in gynaecologic cytology. Its main function is to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. The organisation, together with Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry, employs 140 people.  

Losing support for payroll system

Victorian Cytology Service, just like other organisations in the Victorian public health sector, used a payroll system called NewPay/Peruse. After learning that support for the system was going to expire, VCS began to investigate alternative payroll providers. 

The laboratory was reluctant to rush into implementing a new system until it was convinced that it could cope with the complexity of Victorian Public Health Sector entitlements. Upon reviewing MYOB PayGlobal, VCS knew it had found what it was looking for. 

More than just a payroll system 

Originally, VCS was only looking for a new payroll system, but it decided that MYOB PayGlobal’s Time & Attendance module would also be of great benefit as it enabled the automation of timesheet processing and reporting. 

“We were very impressed with the flexibility of PayGlobal, including its easy reporting and integration. It was important to us that departments, other than payroll, could benefit from the information we were collecting."

- Yvonne Sheppard, Payroll Officer, Victorian Cytology Service 

"We were also influenced by the fact that other health sector organisations were using PayGlobal and seemed very happy with its performance.” 

Clear accuracy and efficiency benefits 

After setting up MYOB PayGlobal, the benefits were clear. MYOB PayGlobal reduced the time it took to record employee attendance and translate the information into payroll.

Employees clock in and out using a magnetic swipe card, which automatically imports the data into MYOB PayGlobal Time & Attendance. The times are compared with the employee’s profiled hours and a precise start time and end time is created for each day an employee has worked. 

Supervisors only need to check times for employees without profiled hours or who are absent. This automation allows supervisors to monitor attendance progressively throughout the pay period and significantly improves the efficiency of checking employee attendance. 

Once employee attendance is checked, the MYOB PayGlobal Award Interpreter automatically processes the employee payments. 

Before MYOB PayGlobal

After MYOB PayGlobal

Couldn't check payroll before finalisation 

Laborious manual processing of payroll

System prone to operator errors 

Manual processing for payroll reduced 

Flexible reporting 

Accurate payroll processes 

Ability to accommodate changes 


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