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Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Foundation: more time for good with MYOB Advanced Business

15 May 2024

Read how MYOB Advanced Business enables the The Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital Foundation to better manage the causes it supports, while reducing admin work so employees can dedicate their time to more valuable tasks.


RBWHF’s work ranges across causes like cancer-care to supporting women and their new babies — it’s incredibly varied and complex.

Their existing platform had served them well, but it had limitations, and the Foundation needed something that could handle more complexity.

“From a management point of view, each cause is like a smaller charity we’re managing. The previous system just didn’t have the capability to manage each cause that the Foundation supports at the hospital.”

- Kaelah Bosanquet, CFO, RBWHF

Tracking and transparency needed

For the Foundation, their growing success as an organisation was the crux of their problem, with an ever-increasing range of causes and funds.

The Foundation needed total transparency for how donations were being used — even if the recipient activities happened many years later.

Without easy tracking, it made relying on Excel spreadsheets especially problematic.

The charity’s success compounded these issues — in recent years, the funds the Foundation manages have doubled, from $8milion to $16milion.

MYOB Advanced Business gave them the transparency they needed and reduced their work load at the same time. 

Generate reports with ease

With income broken down into sub-accounts, MYOB Advanced Business lets the Foundation seamlessly track which donations are intended for which causes, and can generate reports for each.

“I love the fact that I can see that we received money from this person on this day and this is how it was spent.”

The capacity to save PDFs throughout the system adds to this transparency — particularly important to deliver the transparency required under statuary obligations attached to on-site clinical trials.

More comprehensive reporting means any department can easily see their balance and detailed transactional reporting, and Kaelah “loves” the cloud-hosting, too.

Better management and time savings

The Foundation can now better manage their complex operations with live data and one-click reporting.

They’ve also saved around two weeks' work each month — time that can be reallocated to other, more important tasks.

“It’s been a huge time saver for us,” says Kaelah.

“Our staff can work on more meaningful projects; we’re able to get out and provide better support”.

The system helps protect the donor trust and donations, and the payroll functions have simplified things, while giving the Foundation greater control over permissions and easy access to audit reporting.

“We can track rate changes, access master files and see who’s made changes and when,” says Kaelah.

"It’s been a huge time saver for us. The efficiencies created by the MYOB Advanced has allowed our staff to work on more meaningful projects."

Before implementing MYOB Advanced Business

  • Onsite server limited staff access to information

  • Time consuming spreadsheets used to track transactions

  • Manual report building meant more risk of human error

  • Little oversight for each department’s finances

After implementing MYOB Advanced Business

  • Cloud hosting gives staff anywhere, anytime access

  • Admin time significantly reduced

  • Easy access to comprehensive reporting for all stakeholders

  • Capacity for growth – especially through digital fundraising

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