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MYOB Practice Management streamlines client onboarding for Mead Partners

15 May 2024

Mead Partners is streamlining the collection of new client information with MYOB Practice Management’s recently released client onboarding module.


3 benefits for Mead Partners:

  • Automate client onboarding, save time and ensure accuracy

  • Customise the client onboarding workflow to suit the practice

  • Update once, sync everywhere on platform to provide a single-client view

Mead Partners is a Melbourne-based accounting practice established in 1997. Its services include business advisory, taxation, asset protection, bookkeeping, retirement planning, virtual CFO and accounting expertise for the building and construction industry.

The firm prides itself on personalised accounting, building enduring relationships and keeping up with the latest technology to meet the challenges of the future.

Revolutionising client onboarding

MYOB Practice Management is the first practice management solution in Australia and New Zealand to deliver a client onboarding module. With this feature, Mead Partners can now automate the data collection process for new clients, which Managing Director John Pititto describes as a “game changer.”

He explains, “We’ve had online forms for client onboarding for the last 10 years, which we’ve created on our website – but we’re always having issues with them. We’re not getting the data back and we lose track of who we’ve actually sent them to and who has replied to us.”

“Before MYOB Practice Management, it used to take about 1.5 hours to correctly onboard a client that's got two individuals, a trust and a company,” John says.

“Now, since using the new client onboarding feature, we’re able to contract that timeframe to about 20 minutes, which then frees up time to either take on more client work or have the team work on valuable tasks."

- John Pititto | Managing Director | Mead Partners

Customising the client onboarding workflow

Explaining the new feature, MYOB Solution Consultant Leigh Gatherer says: “Users on MYOB Practice Management can now access client onboarding under the CRM drop down menu. You just need to click on the Plus button to create a new request and select the contact you want to send it to.”

“You can determine which fields on the form should be mandatory and even pre-fill some fields with information that you already have before you send it. You can also select multiple entities, as you may have some individuals within a business or a family group.”

“You can customise the email that you send to your clients and add your logo to the landing page that the email links to. Your clients can fill in their details, attach any relevant documents, and save their information as they go. When they’re done, they can click on Finish and all that data will feed into your database,” Leigh continues.

“On the practice side, you can track the status of the form and re-send the email if you’ve had no response. When you receive the completed form, you can review and approve it, which will automatically save your client details into your CRM in MYOB Practice Management.”

Automation improves efficiency

“This now re-creates our whole onboarding process within the firm. It automates it all effectively.”

- John Pititto | Managing Director | Mead Partners

Previously a pain point for Mead Partners was having to re-key client information into their practice management software from their online forms. This is where keystroke errors could happen, compromising data and potentially undermining client relationships too.

Having clients enter their details straight into MYOB Practice Management – with the system flagging any missing fields and auto-formatting for consistency – helps to ensure data completion and accuracy.

With MYOB Practice Management you can enter or update data in one place and it will sync across all connected software in the business management platform. This enables a single-client view and prevents any data discrepancies and delays that can happen when applications don’t integrate well.

John is “very happy” with the new client onboarding feature. “MYOB Practice Management helps us to become more efficient in everything we do from an administration and accounting point of view,” he says.

MYOB Practice Management

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