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MYOB Acumatica the cool solution to Engel's software woes

15 July 2024

Most Aussies and Kiwis who love the outdoors know — or own — a Engel’s portable fridge or freezer. This large, iconic brand had been managing with an older system that simply couldn’t handle its transaction volume. Moving to MYOB Acumatica solved that – and delivered a raft of other benefits, too.  


A new system needed after phenomenal growth 

Engel manages warehouses all over Australia and has a turnover of over 40 million. It deals with some of the country's largest retailers, but it was making do with financial software better suited to a far smaller company. 

That put pressure on the accounting team, who struggled to complete day-to-day operations. As company accountant Maki Hales explains, this was the main reason they began looking for new software. 

Their previous solution had suited the company well, but after phenomenal growth,  Engel needed something that could better manage their increase in transactions going through the system every day. 

Manual reporting slows things down 

As Maki explains, because Engel is owned by a publicly listed company based in Japan, reporting and compliance requirements are also stringent. Engels simply needed a cloud solution to help them meet these requirements. 

Without easy access to timely information, day-to-day tasks were more complex. Maki says the warehouses relied heavily on manual processes to keep tabs on inventory.  

Flexibility and simplicity to support phenomenal growth 

MYOB Advanced Business easily manages Engel’s transaction numbers and allows for an unlimited number of users, eliminating much of the manual work in the company. 

Maki loves the system’s flexibility:

“We don’t have to change the way we run the business.” 

- Maki Hales, Accountant, Engel

MYOB Advanced Business easily connects into Power BI, delivering a live feed of business information to the parent company and significantly reducing reporting requirements. 

Management can see top level or granular real-time performance information from dashboards, and a connection to Velixo enables reporting from Excel with live data from the MYOB Advanced Business database.   

A day of work can now take minutes 

With so many processes completed manually, a shift to a more intuitive, automated and centralised system has delivered wide ranging benefits. 

“So many things were improved, I don’t know where to start!”

The company is also enjoying astonishing time savings. For just one client’s invoices, Maki says, “we would have to process them manually – that sometimes was a day’s work. Now it’s a 30-minute job."

Cloud hosting makes work for flexible work and better inventory management has streamlined operations, giving people the information they need to make smarter business decisions.    

Before MYOB Advanced Business

After MYOB Advanced Business

Heavy reliance on time-consuming manual reporting and processes 

No cloud connection meant information was only accessible at HQ 

Limited user and capacity to deal with transaction numbers 

Processes designed to work around the limitations of the software  

Reduction in manual reporting and processes leads to massive time savings 

Cloud connection give users far more flexibility and accessibility 

Unlimited users, and easily handles transaction numbers 

Better flexibility lets Engel design best practice processes 


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