News on an MYOB classic

Important announcement about our
AccountRight Classic (v19) software

As of 30th September 2019, MYOB will no longer provide features, patches, compliance updates or product support for your MYOB AccountRight Classic desktop software.

This includes updates for any future Windows operating systems.

Working towards the future. Today.

When we developed this product, business was done differently to now. The books had to be worked on in the office, data entry was done by hand and getting that information to your trusted advisor required multiple drives, file versions and a booked face-to-face meeting.

Today’s business is all about working whenever, wherever.

Now collaboration can be done from anywhere. Tech speeds up data entry. As the needs of our clients and industry have changed, we’ve had to change the way we develop software as well.
We are committed to delivering solutions that provide users with:


The greatest value


Improved business outcomes


Better connections with
trusted advisors

We believe this to be the most effective path forward.

Key date to remember

Over the next 12 months we will be contacting all clients who are using AccountRight Classic
to help them transition to an online solution that works for them.

30 September 2019

We’ll no longer provide features, patches, compliance updates or product support for AccountRight Classic platform.

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We're here to help

We have a team of experts ready to answer your questions on what these
changes mean for you and your business.

Online webinars

A number of live webinars will be held over the coming weeks,
where our instructor will:

  • Walk you through the latest version of AccountRight
  • Show you how to upgrade to the latest version of AccountRight
  • Answer specific questions you have

These online sessions are free of charge and will be kept to small groups to ensure you get everything you need.

Online training

This course covers off what’s new in the latest version of
AccountRight and how to upgrade.

Upgrade today (there’s no additional cost)

Today’s business can be done from wherever, whenever.

As a loyal MYOB subscriber, you are entitled to move to the latest version and start enjoying
our range of online services.

Moving online is as easy as downloading the new software and then letting us help you
upload your existing file.

The latest version of AccountRight helps you get more done

Thousands of businesses are already enjoying the benefits of working off and online to get the job done.


More places

Choose to work off or online whenever
and wherever regardless of your location.


More people

Work simultaneously and seamlessly share information with your team or advisor.


More time

Link your bank account and save 10 hours of data entry a month with our class-leading bank feeds.


More security

Keep your data safe with our
super-strong encryption and two factor authentication security.


More piece of mind

Stay up to date with your IR compliance requirements - complete your GST return and submit directly to Inland Revenue.

Preparing you for the future

If you are using the following features, you might not be able to upgrade to online AccountRight just yet.
Over the next 12 months we will be contacting all clients who are using AccountRight Classic to help them
transition to an online solution that works for them.

Dedicated teams are continuing to deliver a multi-currency solution for the newer versions of AccountRight, that will not just match, but improve on the functionality in AccountRight Classic, so that you can upgrade as soon as possible.

Some features of multi-currency are available in the latest version (versions 2018.3 or higher) and additional components will be incorporated into all AccountRight releases through May 2019.

To see if you are eligible to upgrade to the latest version today, check out our help topic on how to upgrade a multi-currency company file.

We’re in the process of developing a multi-location solution in the latest version of AccountRight so that you can upgrade as soon as possible. It will be ready in advance of the September 2019 deadline.

Negative inventory is not currently supported in the latest version of AccountRight.

If you need this feature, the best way to find out which solution is best for you is to talk to our team.

Phone 0800 60 69 62 and chat to our friendly team.

Most of our developer partners who have built integrations for v19 have in the past 5 years also developed integrations to AccountRight 2018. We recommend you contact your developer and ask about their integration support for AccountRight 2018. If you are unable to use your existing add-on with AccountRight 2018, we recommend checking out our directory of over 300 add-ons by visiting

3rd Party solutions that connected to v19 for data use a technology called ODBC (open database connector). We will cease support of this connection method as part of this process. ODBC connections require an activated license to operate. We will cease issuance and activation of these licenses from September 2018.

If you choose not to migrate to AccountRight 2018, your existing ODBC integration to v19 will not be affected, however it will also no longer be supported, and you will use at your own risk.

We will be ending support of ODBC from September 2018. This means there will be no more technical integration support for new ODBC developments from September 2018. We recommend developers use Stack Overflow for future peer support with MYOB ODBC.

We will cease issuance of new ODBC licenses and keys from September 2018. This means that no new ODBC Keys will be issued, however any existing ODBC key will continue to work. OEM issued ODBC Keys will still be able to activate ODBC licences for clients. All other activations will cease.

We will cease activation of all ODBC licences and keys from August 2019 in alignment with the cease of support for AccountRight v19.