How efficient is your practice?

Take Advantage is a service package that will upgrade your practice solutions software to the latest MYOB technology platform, including Live services.

This is the quickest and easiest way to scale-up the power of your practice and become more efficient.

Your practice will benefit from enhanced productivity, greater visibility and powerful reporting options.

Plus, you can connect and collaborate with your clients in real-time using your MYOB Portal, without ever leaving your software.

What’s more, we do all the installation for you and ensure your team is back to work as quickly as possible.

The Take Advantage upgrade will put you at the centre of the relationship with your clients, including:

  • Benefit from seamless collaboration with your clients by working with their MYOB products
  • Increase efficiency and reduce your compliance costs
  • Ensure clients’ tax payments are accurate and on time, and see your practice’s position at any time
  • Reduce the time spent on paper based administration
  • With less data entry and fewer errors you can be confident of increased accuracy
  • Comprehensive and powerful reporting options

Putting you in a great position to take advantage of portal, dashboard and all the future online enhancements.

The Take Advantage upgrade to a supported, stable technological platform is at the forefront of online accounting.

The streamlined installation ensures you and your team can be back to work quickly with access to new functionality including:



Access, monitor and manage all your clients’ MYOB data files in a single location, in real time.


MYOB Portal

A secure online platform to share documents and accept digital signatures from clients, wherever they are, directly from their mobile device.

Connected Ledger

Connected Ledger

Utilising the dashboard and the DNA of BankLink, the new Connected Ledger enables you to capture your clients’ transaction data, automatically code recurring transactions, and produce a wide range of reports in one place.


Link with IR

Ensuring accurate data and automated updating.

What’s included in the service?

The streamlined Take Advantage upgrade includes:

  • Preparation, software installation, data conversion and configuration by MYOB
  • Personalised training from an MYOB consultant to get your team started and a post implementation follow-up and review
  • A range of online learning modules available to guide you through the various features with handy tips for getting the most out of the new software platform

How do I get it?

To learn more about the Take Advantage service, contact your MYOB Client Manager, call us on 0800 94 96 99
or complete the registration form below and we will contact you shortly.


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Still have questions?

Call 0800 94 96 99 or contact your Client Manager