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Effortless Business Intelligence. Business analysis on-demand, just plug-in your data. Out of the box BI empowers your team to discover trends and deal with issues immediately and easily.

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Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is an award-winning bookkeeping platform that saves accountants, small businesses, and sole traders valuable time and money.

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WageLoch is a rostering and time attendance solution designed specifically for Australian small to medium business.

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Very Impressive Software Ltd

Very Impressive Software. The name says it all. We supply and support a range of very impressive software, from fixed asset management to temporary staff placement and a whole range of add-ons for MYOB Exo Business.

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GeoOp is a complete job management solution, low cost, easy to use, it's wherever your team are, and can be used on any device. 

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Everything in one place.

myprosperity has redefined how your clients track and manage their financial world.

Property, loans, super, wills, insurance, banking and tax – it’s all together in one place so you can provide your clients with the best advice and help them reach their goals.

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We can create AI Accounting by codifying a baseline set of accounting knowledge, and improving that baseline rapidly with the application of machine learning.

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New Zealand Bookkeepers Association

The New Zealand Bookkeepers Association provides support, training, compliance and certification to New Zealand Bookkeepers.

Professional body for everyone involved in the bookkeeping industry in NZ, providing access and guidance to educational and compliance resources to ensure all Certified Members are regarded as providers of a high quality and expert service. Giving Bookkeepers a place where they can be with like-minded individuals in the industry.

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RIP Global

No more paperwork and processing! Despite all the fancy cloud technology and the whiz bang blah blah, we’re STILL doing paperwork.

RIP decided to take a stand and say no more – we’d had enough! So we rolled up our sleeves, and built a better solution so we’d never EVER have to touch another piece of paper again.

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At Donesafe, our compliance and safety software is for everyone to stay on top of their heath and safety management in their business.

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Power BI

See your company's data in new ways with interactive data visualization BI tools from Microsoft Power BI.

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