Let's make the hardest job in New Zealand easier

Be a 'change maker' and help shape the future of the Holidays Act

Managing payroll in New Zealand – The good, the bad and the frustrating

We reckon New Zealand is the best place in the world for doing business[1].

But…we definitely have room for improvement. Hiring and paying staff is really hard in NZ - in fact, it's among the hardest in the world[2]. The Holidays Act is so confusing that it’s hard for employers to pay staff correctly – which isn’t good for anyone.

We’re a nation of small business, which means most don’t have special legal teams or HR departments. Yet everyone is expected to keep track of confusing, cumbersome laws.

Not anymore. The government is putting together a team to fix the Holidays Act, once and for all. And we're part of it. 

As New Zealand’s leading provider of payroll – one-in-three Kiwis are paid through our software – we’ve been asked to work with the government and bring the Holidays Act into the 21st century.



Reforming the Holidays Act

The way we work has changed, but the law hasn't kept up.

Flexible work patterns, different hours and rosters, plus a huge increase in freelancers and contractors.

We need new laws to reflect our relationship with work. The future is about flexibility: but our legislation is stuck in the past.

And we need your help to create that future together.


68% of SME businesses support reforming the Holidays Act to simplify how leave entitlements are calculated.


1-in-5 business owners say calculating and tracking leave entitlements and balances is a key pain point

Be a ‘change maker’ – have your say

Minister of Workplace Relations Iain Lees-Galloway has established a Holidays Act Taskforce made up of employers, employees, small business owners and government representatives. It is charged with recommending changes to the Holidays Act and welcomes input on key issues summarised in a discussion document from stakeholders. MYOB is proud to be an active contributor on the taskforce and we’ll be working to ensure the changes are positive for employers and employees.

You too have the chance to be involved. The taskforce wants to hear feedback from business owners on the challenges they face administering the Holidays Act by 12 October.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of business and ensure New Zealand remains the easiest place in the world to succeed. Here’s how you can be a ‘change maker’:

We're already working to make payroll in New Zealand easier


Pay staff

Easily pay staff in seconds, keep on top of PAYE and stay compliant.


Automate tax updates

You are always up-to-date with the latest IRD tax changes, including ACC, Student Loan and KiwiSaver rates.


Online timesheets

Connect with your team to get timesheets in real-time and provide access to payslips automatically.


Less admin

Each pay run with no need to print or email payslips.


Payday filing

Submit payroll information directly to IR as part of your pay run.


Easier record keeping

Meet your obligations when you store your information is electronically.


One-click payroll

Automate wage payments to employees and PAYE payments and reporting to IRD with PayAgent


Real human help

Specialised payroll support is a only phone call away

Payday filing will be mandatory for all employers from April 2019 and all MYOB payroll products will comply.

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