Bills and expenses: Save two hours every month*

What if managing expenses was easier?

Get a bigger tax return

Get the real work done

Get some R'n'R

bills and expenses

Control your bills, data and expenses without wasting time


Easily allocate expenses

Make your expenses neat and tidy: label purchases with an expense code, including employee reimbursements and petty cash. Your running GST total automatically updates for your best possible return.


Pay bills without data entry

Sick of typing? Use "Smart Bills" instead. First, upload or email a bill to MYOB. Then our smart technology automatically fills in fields like amount owing, NZBN and company details. Data entry is done for you.


Keep everything securely online

Once you upload a bill, it's securely stored in MYOB. That means no paperwork and filing. It's great for the end of the year: everything is just there, nothing lost or misfiled. If you, your accountant or bookkeeper ever need a copy, it's right there.


Get useful information, quickly

Understand what you've spent, what you owe, and future spending through a full range of reports. View unpaid bills and payments to suppliers: great for tax time, and it's easy to edit or update expenses too.


What our customers say

Percentage 72 %

The percentage of customers who say that we provide more security for their accounting information online than software they used before*

MYOB customers save 2.4 hours every month on paying expenses**

*MYOB customers who moved from non-accounting software save 2.4 hours every month on paying expenses. MYOB Proof Points Study 2017.

**72% of online subscribers who previously used other brand software with online capability say MYOB now provides extra security in storing accounting data. MYOB Proof Points Study 2017.


Manage bills and expenses with both our accounting software products:


$ 25

Online accounting software great for new and smaller businesses


$ 55

Online or offline accounting software with job tracking and inventory


Connect to your favourite business tools

Easily gather, store and process receipts, connect expenses to specific jobs and automate even more of your expense-related admin. Connect your existing software or search in our directory.


Get even more stuff done...

*MYOB customers who moved from non-accounting software save 2.4 hours every month on paying expenses. MYOB Proof Points Study 2017.