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28th September, 2023

Building quality into your system

Elevate wholesale and manufacturing operations with MYOB’s integrated QMS

In manufacturing and wholesale distribution, quality products are one of your biggest assets.

And if quality control (QC) is lacking, the results can significantly impact your bottom line.

Many businesses find that as they grow, manual quality management systems (QMS) struggle to keep pace.

Existing systems don’t integrate with new software, it becomes challenging to gain visibility across the business, and cracks in previously up-to-the-task software begin to show. 

That’s why MYOB has launched integrated Quality Management for MYOB Acumatica and why your wholesale distribution or manufacturing business can’t afford to be without it.

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Integrated quality management — your best ally

Cloud ERP pulls all your key business systems under one umbrella, giving you integrated access to business data and day-to-day operations.

Add quality management to that package, and you get unprecedented control over every part of your business. 

Here’s what that looks like in practise:

Increased product quality

With a robust, integrated QMS, quality control standards become simple to manage, deviations and defects are reduced and product consistency increases. As a result, customer satisfaction and loyalty rise.

Reduced compliance risks

From documentation to certificates of analysis and other industry regulations, integrated QMS ensures that the information you need is accessible, accurate and up-to-date.

Increased efficiency

Standardising and automating processes across various departments can eliminate previously time-consuming manual tasks, cut lead times, reduce errors, and boost productivity.

Data-driven decisions

With real-time monitoring and data flowing seamlessly across all facets of the business, integrated QMS acts as a ‘single source of truth’ to drive informed decision-making.

MYOB Advanced Business

MYOB Advanced with integrated QMS — a future-proof, best-in-class offering

When quality management is part of your ERP system — instead of a separate, disconnected system — it’s far easier to connect and streamline processes across every facet of your business.

By linking accounting, purchasing, inventory management, distribution, compliance and QC, you can identify weak points in your process, reduce lead times, and prepare for future growth.

Here’s how integrated QMS can help:

Formalised product testing

Provide a flexible framework to develop test plans and perform end-to-end QC testing for incoming raw materials, production, purchasing, inventory and shipping.

Well-managed education and training

Conduct employee training processes and certification requirements and keep these records organised, up-to-date and compliant.

Simplified health and safety

Store, manage and access employee records and tools for HR incidents, including steps to mitigate, correct and prevent future issues.

Flexible AQL and sampling 

Carry out inspection and sampling routines with a flexible system for defining sampling levels. This includes helping businesses adhere to global quality standards such as ISO 9001, HACCP, FDA 21 CFR and more.

Features to support NC and CAPA

Internal, customer and vendor non-conformance (NC) and Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) procedures are supported to maintain a complete audit trail and manage corrective and preventive action processes.

Superior traceability and recall

Enable tracking throughout a product lifecycle (by lot and serial) for compliance purposes and ease of recall.

Robust inspection plans

The application provides a flexible framework to develop and execute inspection plans, checklists and QC tests.

Easy mobile data collection

Conduct QC and capture data from any location via mobile and web.

Complete audit management

Support audits from beginning to end in compliance with corporate standards and industry regulations. Users can define and control multiple audits (for both data and processes) to ensure compliance.

User-friendly reporting and analytics

With pre-built reports across vendors, production and stability, evidenced-based decision-making helps continual improvement.

MYOB Advanced

Integrated QMS — a holistic approach to success

Integrated QMS for MYOB Acumatica helps your wholesale distribution or manufacturing business reduce costs and wastage, stay compliant, and deliver high-quality products that enhance customer satisfaction — now and into the future.

As part of a full ERP platform, it’s the best way to gain control over the quality of your product.

Are you ready to streamline, future-proof and boost your bottom line?

Get in touch to talk about Integrated Quality Management for MYOB Acumatica.