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Zudello offers Intelligent Data Processing, Purchasing and AP Automation with accurate extraction via OCR and AI, dynamic approvals and optimised accounting processes. With a seamless integration into MYOB Advanced & AccountRight your end of month processes will be a walk in the park.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business

Designed for MYOB Advanced customers, Zudello provides fully flexible configuration options to support each customer’s MYOB Advanced configuration, regardless of industry, reporting requirements or business size.

Advantages the Zudello platform brings to MYOB Advanced customers include:

  • Customisation - our platform is flexible and can be configured to match the customer’s MYOB Advanced transactions (Sales and Purchasing Modules) including custom fields.

  • Projects and budgets - track purchase orders and invoices against budgets to enable real-time spend management.

  • Automate - create automations and approval workflows by simply describing them (Natural Language Actions automation).

  • Multi-entity simplicity - manage multiple entities and subsidiaries from a single view.

  • Collaborate - allow both internal and external parties to collaborate within Zudello. External parties can be granted limited access to create and review documents.

  • Slack and Teams - tight integration into both Slack and Microsoft Teams. Remove the need for approvers to learn another platform.

  • Enhanced controls - automatically detect changes with your customers and vendors including bank accounts, contact details and company status with real-time business lookup.

  • Integrated procurement - end-to-end procurement management, from requisition through to quote, order, delivery and invoice all synchronised to MYOB Advanced in real-time.

  • MYOB Advanced remains the source of truth - reducing risks for customers.

  • Accurate data extraction - utilising our unique cognitive vision and AI mapping and OCR technologies.

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