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Workato is a powerful integration platform that connects MYOB Advanced to any other software platform in your organization. From a range of eCommerce, Marketing, RevOps, HR, and Finance use cases, workflows and integrations with MYOB Advanced can be easily configured to meet your business needs.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business

With over 1000 pre-built connectors including MYOB Advanced, Workato’s no code / low code UI makes it easy for a non technical user to build and maintain important workflows with your business.

Low Code / No Code User Interface

Workato provides a whiteboard like User Interface that makes it easy to design and customizable integration recipes without deep technical knowledge.

Recipes can include advanced features like conditional logic, data mapping, and error handling, ensuring that Workato supports a workflow around your business case, and not having to fit within a fixed point to point integration.


Workato's connector library is an extensive collection of pre-built connectors that enable seamless integration between various software applications, systems, and services. With over 1,000 connectors available, it covers a wide range of tools, including CRM, marketing automation, communication, HR, manufacturing, data warehousing, and of course MYOB Advanced.

When a connector is missing, we have a range of connector building tools to extend Workato to any niche or unique platform you might need to work with.

Workato’s connector library is continuously updated and expanded to keep up with the evolving technological landscape, ensuring users have access to the latest and most comprehensive integration options for MYOB Advanced.

Enterprise reliability and Security

Workato is a best in class Integration platform as a service (iPaaS). With a 99.95% uptime guarantee, AWS Australian data center, and SOC2 compliance, you can be confident your data and integrations are secure.

Workato boasts enterprise-grade security measures, including encryption in transit and at rest, rolling encryption key, role-based access controls, extensive audit functionality, and secure user authentication. All this to ensure your sensitive commercial and personal data is kept safe and secure.

Disclaimer: The apps on this site are developed by third parties. MYOB can’t guarantee that the apps are suitable for your business. You should assess the suitability, quality and performance of any apps before using them.