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Job Scheduling and Dispatch Software - for fleets of 20+ drivers or mobile workers. vWork gets the right delivery to the right place, at the right time, every time.

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Acumatica

Now you can automatically invoice the deliveries you dispatch in vWork with MYOB Acumatica.

As soon as a delivery closes an invoice is generated - it’s that easy. 

The integration captures job hours, descriptions and other relevant data generated in the field. Then automatically creates invoices, ready for you to review and send. No more double handling. No more lost or incorrect data. And a whole lot more invoices paid on time. Simple to deploy and easy for any dispatcher or driver to use. Integration with MYOB is just another great reason why vWork is the last-mile delivery solution of choice.

vWork is the last-mile delivery solution of choice for fleets globally. One of the main reasons for this is vWork’s ability to enable organizations to integrate its highly specialized fleet scheduling and dispatch capability into their existing tech stack. It means you get to work the way you want to - connecting the relevant dots with vWork along the way.

There are a number of smart things that underpin this. Not the least being vWork’s ability to integrate with MYOB Acumatica enabling you to instantly generate invoices for jobs as they are completed. You can have absolute confidence that customer data, job hours, descriptions and other relevant details are all captured accurately in MYOB Acumatica - ready for you to sign off.

vWork’s unique template design enables you to configure the way it works - without having to engage your IT team in a massive amount of additional coding. We work with you to connect your MYOB Acumatica instance along with any other relevant telematics or other solutions. Teams find vWork very easy to pick up and use, with our training and support winning constant accolades from customers.

vWork does a whole lot of other smart things too, including three-way communication with dispatcher, customer and driver - ensuring you are delivering the best customer experience possible. It also provides auditable proof of delivery so you can commit to your customers’ SLAs with confidence. vWork is proud of its Australasian heritage and looks forward to enabling you to get the right delivery, to the right place, at the right time - on the right invoice - every time.

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