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TOKN Mobile Approvals

Approvals at your fingertips. Purchase Orders, Invoices and Leave.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB Greentree
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TOKN Mobile Approvals Solution allows staff to approve Purchase Orders, Invoices, Time entry  and Leave on a mobile device. If you are on the go, get instantly alerted to your outstanding MYOB approvals and keep control of your MYOB workflows with an easy and accessible mobile app. Available wherever you are with a simple intuitive interface. 

TOKN will add heaps of productivity savings to your business.  With integration directly to MYOB Advanced Business and GreenTree, multi-level approval management has never been easier. Use our approval apps to get rid of clumsy desktop screens and eliminate the unnecessary workload in your back office, while accelerating your payment cycles - Try for free today!

• Include an Easy to Use mobile approval apps, - Purchase order approval , Invoice approval , Timer apoproval and Leave  Approval - works on all your device types IOS, Android and Win 10 + Desktop
• Easily manage multi-level approvals based on MYOB approval rules, directly on the mobile device.
• Push message alters to inform you of new approvals 
• Bi-factor authentication standard
• Manage all Line item types, just as Stock, Free text, JC and more 
• Seamlessly integrated with MYOB Advanced Business and Greentree
• Integrated attachment service to open supporting attachments on the device
• Includes access to the Full TOKN Enterprise Mobility Platform, with full Mobile app and device administration - remotely manage your users, apps, and devices.
• No network coverage, No problem, TOKN automatically syncs all work with its Full-offline capability
• Cloud Service with Zero installation

“We only put forward the best, to ensure our customers perform the best. TOKN’s mobile solutions have delivered significant changes in the way our customers work, collaborate and connect with people.”

Andrew Thomson    
Addax Business Solutions

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