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TimeSite Pro

Fully configurable, time tracking & expense billing system, web & mobile access.

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Smart yet Simple to Use Time Tracking, Costing and Invoicing

TimeSite Pro is used in thousands of ways, by individuals, teams, departments, small business, government agencies, and large corporations, every day.

 Easy to Get Started

TimeSite Pro is a fully configurable, cloud-based, time and expense tracking solution designed for companies who need to pay staff, invoice customers and manage project costs based on employee activity. TimeSite Pro can be fully configured in minutes to handle your specific customer and industry requirements.

Free Trial with No Credit Card Needed

No contracts to sign. Start and stop your use of TimeSite Pro at any time.

Flexible &s; Responsive Pricing

You only pay for Active Timesheet users! We only charge for users who record time in a timesheet. Inactive users and administrators are free. You can change your subscription count at any time. We offer two pricing models: by user and by weekly timesheet. And we offer three subscription plans.: Basic, Standard, and Accounting.

Unlimited Technical Support &s; Product Upgrades

Our development staff are continually producing new features that add further benefits to TimeSite Pro. By subscribing to TimeSite, you are investing in a time tracking solution that keeps pace with our customer’s requirements and industry innovation. We are happy to support you over the phone or via remote access.

MYOB Integration

TimeSite Pro includes "ready to go" interfaces to all versions of MYOB at no additional charge.

Client Authorisation &s; Management Approval

TimeSite Pro enables your clients and project managers to authorise work performed before the final approval of a submitted timesheet by managers. Managers can review timesheet details, return timesheets for correction and resubmission, or change timesheet details themselves.

Tracking Billable &s; Non-Billable Time

TimeSite Pro enables you to quickly see whether you are deploying your resources efficiently. Analyse billable and non-billable hours to discover where you can make better use of your valuable resources.

Integrated Cost &s; Bill Rates

You can flexibly allocate both Cost and Bill rates to the hours your staff record for your clients, projects and activities allowing you to identify and track the profitability of the work you perform.

Client Invoices

TimeSite Pro provides you with integrated invoicing functionality based on time and expenses recorded in the timesheets submitted to and approved by your management. Additional invoice details can be included such as discounts, materials, fees and so on. This ensures that your accounting team can prepare accurate and pre-authorised invoices. These invoices can then be exported to your accounting package.

Mobile App

TimeSite’s mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones enables your team to record their timesheet activity wherever they are in the field. Record GPS location whenever a job or task is logged in the app. Timesheet details are automatically uploaded to our cloud servers. At the end of the week, staff can submit their timesheets from their mobile app for management approval.

Multiple Configuration Options

TimeSite Pro has a host of options that enable you to configure your system in a wide variety of different ways. From changing the way that timesheets are displayed to setting up clients, projects and task hierarchies, TimeSite Pro accommodates a wide variety of industries ranging from law firms to consultants to trade and construction firms.

Project Budgets

You can set budget thresholds and receive alerts when you exceed your time or dollar estimate for a project. This enables management to keep a close eye on project progress and profitability and quickly take action when needed.

Project Templates

You can create project templates in TimeSite Pro to ensure data quality and consistency as staff record their time spent on client projects, internal activities and leave arrangements.

Multiple Timesheet Formats

TimeSite Pro provides a variety of timesheet formats including time entry by actual start and end time, time entry by variable units, and time entry via a duration timer. For even faster time entry, you can enter timesheet details for the whole week on one screen. TimeSite Pro dramatically improves staff productivity.

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