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Syft Analytics

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The interactive & collaborative financial reporting tool

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MYOB Business

About Syft: 

Syft Analytics is an award-winning interactive & collaborative financial reporting tool. From simple reports to integrated forecasts, businesses and accountants use Syft to create, collaborate, and explore beautiful financial reports. 9 out of 10 users say Syft is easier to use than other reporting solutions. Join 100,000+ businesses that choose Syft with a 14-day free trial.

  • One tool: Use Syft to visualize, analyze, and forecast financial data for MYOB. Construct beautiful reports, visualize data in graphs & dashboards, create KPIs, and build integrated forecasts.

  • Consolidations: Use the leading consolidation tool - combine unlimited entities, add eliminations, account for acquisitions & disposals, include fractional ownership, and create beautiful reports. Support for 170+ currencies.

  • Export anywhere: Export any graph or report to PDF, Excel, or Google Sheets, or reimagine reporting with Live View. Live Views are secure, interactive, and collaborative online links to reports - the future of reporting.


Syft seamlessly integrates with MYOB and transforms your accounting data into graphs, reports, and insights. The Syft and MYOB integration unlocks all functionality available in Syft. Syft only reads your MYOB data; it will never add data or overwrite data in MYOB. Get peace of mind with access to our Security Center and SOC 2 Type I and Type II accreditations. Upskill your team quickly with live onboarding sessions and develop your knowledge with Syft online links to reports - the future of reporting. 

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