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Shopify - MYOB Acumatica


We offer an integration solution between MYOB Acumatica and Shopify.

Works with:

MYOB Acumatica
Link your shopify store to MYOB - You can't go wrong!

Weka Online are specialists in integrating Shopify websites with MYOB Acumatica. Integration will automate the handling of:

Stock Items, Matrix Items, and Non-Stock Items

●      Product Data will be synced from MYOB Acumatica -> Shopify using Push Notifications (on save).

●      The integration will sync through the title, description, attributes, image files, and connected sales categories.

●      Stock quantities and stock management are optional.

●      Stock items become simple products; and matrix items become variation products.


Sales Categories

●      Sales Categories will sync when a Stock Item / Matrix Item Syncs.

●      Sales Categories will sync from MYOB Acumatica -> Shopify.



●      The website will create a new customer in MYOB Acumatica on sales order completion if the customer does not exist.

●      Customers from MYOB Acumatica will be synced into the website using Push Notifications.

●      The fields synced are Customer ID, Customer Name, Main Contact, Main Address, Bill-To Contact, Bill-To Address, Shipping Contact, Shipping Address.


Sales Orders

●      Sales Orders will be synced from MYOB Acumatica -> Shopify using Push Notifications.

●      Sales Orders will be created in MYOB Acumatica once the customer completes the purchase.

●      The fields set are: Customer, Customer Order => Website Order ID,  Bill-To Contact, Bill-To Address, Ship-To Contact, Ship-To Address, Notes => Customer Note, Premium Freight Price => Shipping Total, SO Line Items.

●      The fields set for a line item are: Inventory ID => SKU, Line Description => Product Name,

●      Quantity, Unit Price => Final unit price (after any discounts on the website).



●      Each sales order in MYOB Acumatica will include a payment line, if applicable.

●      Payment methods between MYOB Acumatica and Shopify will sync together

Disclaimer: The apps on this site are developed by third parties. MYOB can’t guarantee that the apps are suitable for your business. You should assess the suitability, quality and performance of any apps before using them.