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The only true workflow solution – connecting the ACT! Contact Manager and MYOB Live.

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What is ACT!?

ACT! is a contact manager that makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of everyone you do business with. Use ACT! to:

  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage your day-to-day activities
  • Manage sales opportunities
  • Manage sales & marketing activities
  • Manage overall business performance
  • What is the Xact Link for ACT! and MYOB?

The Xact Link for ACT! integrates the MYOB AccountRight and ACT! Contact Management software applications. With this link, sales people can view important account information and sales history from within ACT! This is the only ACT! link for MYOB with no ongoing fees:

  • Create a connection between your Customer Records in ACT! and their corresponding Cards in MYOB without having to wait for a synchronisation process
  • Create and update MYOB Customer Cards directly from ACT!
  • View customer purchasing profiles and account status from within ACT!
  • Create and manage quotes, orders and invoices directly from ACT! using up-to-date pricing and inventory data
  • Email sales documents to clients using custom templates, direct from ACT!
  • View accounts receivable from within ACT!
  • Report on key MYOB data from within ACT!

To see a video demonstration for the Xact link for ACT! and MYOB click here

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