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The RYODATA ® software duplicates many of the tables within your MYOB datafiles and stores them locally on your PC or network.  The software integrates with your data whether its stored locally or in the cloud.  From here there are over 60 reports that will assist in the day to day management of your business.  They are organised into the following groups, are available as a whole, some are available as standalone applications.

Worth a Look – For Management:  A collection of reports identifying anomalies and KPI's. Identify items in stock that can be released from backorder, items that are inactive but with positive stock on hand, items with negative quantity available,  items on customer orders, items on supplier orders, items needing ordering, purchase orders pending, inventory inwards pending, outstanding quotes (currently MYOB AccountRight Classis only), current stock value, total outstanding debtors, customer accounts over credit limit, sales averages, items with gst calculations made on Base Retail Price not Actual selling price. All the above are also summarised onto a single page plus Average $ Sales, total sales value and average invoice value over previous 100 days. A graphical representation of stock “age”.

Customer Information - For Marketing: Lists all your customers contact details on screen or to a file. Create csv files for importing into other applications.

Customer Receivables - For Accounts Receivable :  Lists all overdue invoices with key customer contact details to your screen or to a file. Lists all overdue accounts with contact details, lists all customers in credit.  Great tool to chase up debtors.

Customer Purchases - For Sales: Know what your customers are buying and when.  Give these reports to your customers to assist them in their purchasing.

Inventory - Keep a hard copy record of every item and its details including margins plus a handy blank template for new items.

Inventory Usage - For Purchasing - If your buying from suppliers (or manufacturing) these reports are invaluable.  They will show you exactly what quatities of individual items are selling, in units, in sales dollars, GP dollars and margin. A further report shows all data for each item in one easy to read list.

Price Books - Create your own Price Book (daily if you want) to give to your customers as a hard copy or as a pdf for email.  Your price book will always be up to date. No need to have 1000 printed at your local printer as you can now print 1 or 100 with your current pricing to your laser printer. Consider having a customised report produced with your logo's, terms and any other data you wish.

Pricing Fields - Investigate your inventory margins looking at current buy price, historic bought price etc.  Sort by margin to look for poor pricing.  Great tool when updating supplier pricing.

Stock Valuations - Look for anomalies between the recorded value of goods, compared to current buy pricing and current last buy price.  This report will often identify weaknesses in procedures.

Stocktaking - Print stocktake sheets anytime for your entire store or by supplier. Speak to us about ways to record your bin locations in a way the sorting can be replicated in the stocktake sheets.

Supplier Information - For Marketing : Lists your suppliers contact details, create csv files for importing into other applications.

Supplier Ordering - For Purchasing :  Look at your current usage (by month) against settings for static ordering.  A VERY VALUABLE TOOL for replenishment ordering and resetting your “Reorder Level” and “Reorder Quantities”.

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Once installed, the data is easily accessible for further customised reporting to suit your particular needs.

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