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Built By MYOB, Salesforce Connector allowing you to connect, share and automate data with Salesforce

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MYOB Business integrates seamlessly with MYOB Salesforce Connector so you can manage your entire business, all in one place. See MYOB Business plans and pricing.


About MYOB Salesforce Connector

Salesforce connector built by MYOB provides the following bi-directional features allowing users the ability to create, modify, or delete the following entities in either of the systems, with the changes reflected in both systems:

  • Leads and contacts
  • Business accounts
  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Stock and non-stock inventory items
  • Users

Changes made to inventory items in MYOB ADvanced can be synchronized with Salesforce, but this synchronization cannot be performed in the opposite direction.

User data can be synchronized also in only one direction, from Salesforce to MYOB Advanced.

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