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Cloud-based Business Intelligence and Advanced Reporting extension to your MYOB system

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Take your business into the future via My Business Maximizer:

  1. Improved Cash Collection
  2. Profitability Improvement
  3. ‘What if..’ Budgets
  4. Business Intelligence and Reporting

The MYOB back office accounting system is a great system for simplicity, finding trained staff, and basic compliance reporting.

However many business managers want more than just limited historical data.

  • They want the kind of information that enables them to form a future view of their business to make better decisions.
  • They want access to it in their office, and online in a customer or supplier’s office. They want to work online on their business wherever they are in the world.

My Business Maximizer provides web based instant views of up-to-date cash, sales, cost, expense, profit, and debtor’s analysis, as well as budget variances. Graphs to show trends, ranking for 80/20 analysis, drill down to get down to the cause of issues.

‘What if..’ future views of cash flow, sales, profit, and debtors days. Plus ‘Analyzer’ for ad hoc analysis and reports.

Nothing changes in your back office except My Business Maximizer automatically extracts a copy of the MYOB data via a secure Internet connection. You retain full control over your business data.

My Business Maximizer helps take your business into the future.

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