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Send and receive unlimited e-invoices. Streamline your bookkeeping efforts with e-invoicing to create a financially stable business, ease cash flow, reduce errors by 70%+ and start creating customers for life.

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LUCA Plus’
e-invoicing platform, enables users to automatically populate invoices directly into their customers and suppliers MYOB accounting software.

No matter what Accounting software your customers and suppliers are using, if you’re an existing MYOB customer, LUCA Plus’ e-invoicing technology enables you to send e-invoices from your MYOB account.

LUCA Plus’ e-invoicing platform aims to provide:

·       Ease of cashflow, eliminating financial stress

·       Reduces invoice fraud for businesses

·       Time and financial savings up to 70% , as well as a significant reduction in human error

·       Getting paid 52% faster than through traditional invoicing

·       End to end transaction history trail enabling users to view the full cycle visibility of your e-invoice ( via LUCA Plus’ Blockchain technology)

A game changing e-invoicing cloud-based platform for SME’s, Bookkeepers, Accountants and Auditors with four plans to suit every business

LUCA Plus’ e-invoicing platform, enables users to:

·       Automatically populates e-invoices directly into their customers and suppliers MYOB accounting software.

·       Receive e-invoices from their suppliers directly into their MYOB accounting software


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