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Fergus Job Management Software

Job management solution for trade businesses to maximize revenue and streamline work flow

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Fergus is smart job management software for small to medium sized trade businesses.

Not just a clunky set of features, our all-in-one solution seamlessly moves your jobs through the workflow so you can always see what needs your attention most.

Designed to make job management easy and grow your business, Fergus helps you maximise your revenue by quickly adjusting material markups and billable hours so you always stay well in the black.

Feature Checklist

On-The-Go Job Management
Manage your business from anywhere, in real-time with our mobile app and cloud-based software.

Easy Scheduling
Assign staff to specific jobs. Our scheduling system makes sure there are never any overlaps.

GPS Tracking
Track employees out on jobs easily using our integrated map. Quickly find out who is best placed to help before you’ve even put down the phone.

Log both charged and uncharged time to a job in Fergus, or use the timer on our handy mobile app while on the worksite.

Back Costing
Accurately back-cost before invoicing to make sure you hit your margins every time. Easily add labour, stock–on–hand, invoices and credits.

Quick Invoicing
Make invoices quickly using our powerful pricing editor. Pull in back–costed site visits to instantly fill in your invoices, so you always stay in the black.

Smart Job Tracking
See how you’re tracking on a job–by–job basis and get early warning of jobs creeping over budget and needing extra attention.

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