Together, MYOB and ezyCollect create a seamless invoice-to-collection solution to save you time and get you paid faster.

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ezyCollect is an Australian owned company that helps businesses transform their cash flow position and credit risk management. The ezyCollect platform enables you to deepen customer relationships and reduce late payments with innovative payment solutions, intelligent credit control and easy-to-use automation.

Get more power with MYOB + ezyCollect

Centralised AR

Map your accounts receivables, which is automatically pulled from MYOB, for tracking every account.

Payment Portal

Funnel customers to view, download and pay invoices immediately.



Automated Workflows

Personalise payment reminders via SMS, email and post. 



Credit Assessments

Avoid bad debt with business credit scores and payment predictions. 


Debt Collection

Send a demand letter or outsource to a recovery agency with a single click.


MYOB Integration

Sync data from MYOB to ezyCollect to reflect the current status of outstanding invoices.


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