If inventory is your BUSINESS, then eveXso is your SOLUTION.

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When Inventory is your BUSINESS, then eveXso is your SOLUTION

eveXso took a new approach to traditional warehouse, inventory and transport logistics. We used modern technologies to reduce cost and focussed on making it Faster, Easier and Smarter.

How is it Faster?

  • Minimal Interactions with MYOB to keep systems operating at optimal speed.
  • Prioritised workflow based on your business needs ensures work is presented and completed how you want it to be.
  • Smart Navigation using eveXso’s unique ”Scan Anything" feature gets you to the screen you want without using menu navigation.


What makes it Easier?

  • Familiar Devices - iPod, iPad, iPhone and web browser.
  • Consistent, clutter free design.
  • Intuitive workflow - eveXso is designed to facilitate the doers.
  • 5 minutes training is all you need to get going.


Why is it Smarter?

  • Warehouse activities are driven by how the goods are delivered to the customer.
  • Rich Statistics at keystroke level provide KPI information to drive operational efficiency.
  • Issues are notified and accessible in real time e.g. short picks or negative bins.
  • Needs based replenishment prioritises work.
  • eveXso Inventory is updated in real time ensuring 100% accuracy when checking stock levels during normal operations, including the pick face.


eveXso is constantly improving

Because eveXso is cloud based, it is constantly being updated with new features which are available to every business that uses it. We are committed to constantly improving our product to help our clients stay ahead of the game.



Core eveXso modules


Manage incoming workload by booking in deliveries in advance using our calendar booking tool.

  • Receive multiple Purchase Orders from Multiple Suppliers seamlessly, at the same time.

Picking and Packing

eveXso has multiple options for picking depending on your requirements:

  • iPod pick or pick/pack with Linea Pro scanner attachments.
  • iPad picking and packing applications where screen space and information is more important.


Delivery Run Management

Whether you have your own delivery fleet, use third party logistics or customer collection, eveXso ensures the product is appropriately prepared.

  • Sequence customers on one or more run to manage truck loading.
  • Palletise or hand load.
  • Capture weights and dimensions.


Truck Loading

Whether loading cartons or pallets, eveXso makes loading a breeze.

  • Orders are sequenced for each run.
  • Complex loading for compartment trucks, e.g. load freezer items before dry goods.


Intelligent Replenishment

eveXso takes a different approach to stock replenishment with no need to maintain min/max or run reports.

  • Prioritised replenishments based on current picking needs ensures the product is on the shelf when its needed.


Inventory Configuration

Setting up eveXso is simple:

  • Multiple Stocking Factors e.g. Piece, Carton, Layer, Pallet and Container.
  • Fully Barcode compliant, collect barcodes at stocking factor level.
  • Product attribute management, eg Date Code collection and management.
  • Dangerous and Bonded goods identification.


Inventory Management

eveXso makes inventory management a breeze:

  • eveXso is updated 100% real time enabling stock checking during operations.
  • Create notifications for certain events, e.g. Negative Bins or Short Picks.
  • eveXso will create stock check notifications where it identifies a stock issue. e.g. where a pick is successful but eveXso thought it should have failed.


KPI Statistics Collection

We capture everything that happens in your operations:

  • Every Pick, Pack, Receipt, Put away, Replenishment, Stock check and Load is recorded
  • eveXso records the Who, When and Where for each statistic.
  • Statistics are available in real time.
  • Import statistics into your preferred Business Intelligence tool.
  • We can recommend and configure Business Intelligence tools for you to use.
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