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Simplify and digitise your purchasing, bills, statement, banking and approval processes.

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Digitise and automate your document based and data-centric processes with the DataDevice Digital Automation Suite.

The DataDevice Digital Automation Suite allows organisations to eliminate paper-based, and time-consuming processes by replacing them with software technologies for automation.

There are many processes that can be digitised and automated using the Digital Automation Suite, with turn-key, customisable, and bespoke solutions available. These solutions can be used individually, or in tandem to create entirely paperless processes;

Digital Purchase to Pay Automation

  • Digital Procurement with Purchase Requisition and Purchase Orders
  • Digital Goods Receiving for Purchase Order and Creditor Invoice Matching

Digital Accounts Payable Automation

  • Digital Invoice and Bills Processing Automation including Electronic Approval Process

Digital Accounts Reconciliation Automation

  • Automated Statement Matching and Reconciliation Reporting
  • EFT (Bank Upload) Summary Approval Processing and Reconcile

Digital Customer Order Processing Automation

  • Digital Sales Order Processing
  • Sales Invoice Automation (For Third Party Applications)

Digital Account Receivable Automation

  • Accounts Receivable and Remittance Advice Reconciliation Automation

Digital Payroll Automation

  • Electronic Timesheet with Pay Items Calculator
  • Leave application with Outlook Calendar

Digital Stock Feed Automation

  • Automated Supplier Product Updates including Codes, Descriptions, Pricing and Edit Functionality

DataDevice uses a mix of class-leading software technologies to build our Digital Automation Suite - offering hosted, on-premise, and hybrid deployment models with thin, thick and mobile app clients available.

  • Digital Forms
  • Workflow and Process Automation (BPM/RPA)
  • OCR Data Capture
  • Digital Document Management
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence Software
  • Data Warehousing Systems
  • Application Integration Software and Connectors
  • Custom Software Tools and Add-Ons written by DataDevice

Achieve your Digital Transformation goals with DataDevice' industry knowledge and the Digital Automation Suite.

To speak with us further and discover what DataDevice can do for you, or to arrange a demonstration of any of the products and services we provide, please speak with one of our friendly analysts today.

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