1Breadcrumb is a mobile-first software tool for head contractors to streamline and automate safety & compliance workflows, site check-in and plant & equipment management.

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1Breadcrumb is designed for mid-large head contractors. We serve the contractors that are anywhere from $10M+ up to $2B in annual revenue to add safety & compliance workflows and site attendance. 

With ease of use and customer requests at the heart of product design, 1Breadcrumb is aiming to democratise safety on worksites, ensuring all parties can remain compliant & safe. Particuarly focusing on digitalising existing paper processes, 1Breadcrumb works closely with partners such as Procore and MYOB to ensure that we leverage the existing platforms and remove all unessacary administration. 

1Breadcrumb's current MYOB integration is focussed on the Timecards feature, allowing for simple allocation of employees salaried hours. 

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