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Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting


Automate the manual budgeting process and discover a modern approach to budgeting and forecasting.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
MYOB EXO Business
MYOB Greentree

Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting is a dynamic and user-friendly cloud-based solution that automates the manual budgeting process. The solution provides an intuitive Phocas interface, while retaining familiar spreadsheet formats to accelerate adoption.

Take advantage of financial and other drivers already in your MYOB ERP system with Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting.


Company-wide solution

Phocas delivers a company-wide solution that empowers users across all operations of the business.

Eliminate spreadsheet dependency

Streamline your budgeting process and see the results of combining an intuitive Phocas interface with familiar spreadsheet formats.

Protect your data integrity

Manage version control and make sure everyone participating in the budget process always has up-to-date information (single source of truth).

Keep track of your budget in the cloud

All your data and reports are saved in the cloud, allowing you to access from anywhere, at any time.



Budget workflows

Automate and streamline budget collaboration with assignment submission and approval process for each account code line.

Budget worksheet

Designed to have familiar spreadsheet features, while retaining a modern Phocas feel, users can navigate the budget worksheet with ease.

Budget drivers

Data in non-financial databases can be leveraged so that the true budget drivers including sales, headcount and capital expenditure data are included.

Headcount driver

This feature securely adds HR data to your budgets, so talent forecasting reflects sales projections, future costs, and other budget assumptions.


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