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Pencil helps you decide which customers to take on and what trade credit terms you should offer. Now you can scale your business with the right customers; allowing them to purchase more from you with less risk, while reducing aged debtors and increasing cashflow and profitability.

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Advanced Business

Pencil automates your wholesale applications, trading terms and payments in one place; allowing you to focus on growing your business with less risk.

The core of Pencil is our 60 second customer on boarding account application form, enabling you to collect all the key information required from your customer, including a tokenised and secure payment method for future payments and security.

Reviewing each customer account application is quick, easy, and once approved; all customer data is automatically synced into your MYOB, reducing the time to first order.

Within Pencil you can perform credit checks, take trade references, process automated credit card and direct debit payments, self-serve payment plans, easy reconciliation, over the phone payments and much more.

You will save hours per week in admin and chasing overdue invoices so you can focus on growing your business with less head count.

Setting up Pencil takes less than 15 minutes and one of our Customer Success Reps will guide you through the process end to end. Here you’ll connect your MYOB, configure your payment terms and credit limits, brand up your digital credit application and set it up on your website for new customers to sign up.

Once you are set up, we guide you through which customers you should sign up first and provide two to three training sessions, so you get the most out of Pencil.

We provide ongoing Live Chat support, an easy to search online Wiki for all your questions and phone support as needed.

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