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Paytron is a powerful payable automation & spend management platform, with sophisticated workflows seamlessly integrated with payments, cards and currencies. Through the use of workflows, Paytron simplifies the way businesses manage transactions like accounts payable, international payments, and payroll. Features include automated invoice capture, approval workflows, batch payments, and virtual corporate cards with built-in expense management, all through a single platform.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business

Paytron was founded with the goal of alleviating the common pain points of managing business spend. Companies need to piece together different apps to manage individual pain points spanning accounts payable, cash flow management, domestic payments, payroll payments, international payments and expense management, all requiring separate manual processing workflows.

Paytron's technology leapfrogs the traditional barriers through its innovative single-platform offering that saves time and reduces risk by eliminating ABA files and bank feeds.

Key benefits of Paytron:
1. Reduces payment runs from hours to minutes
Manage hundreds of domestic and international invoice payments at top speed with automated invoice data capture, automatic ABN and GST validation checks, real time or scheduled payments, BPAY & batch file processing, bulk approvals, and instant reconciliation with your ERP.

2. Save costs and centralises cashflow data by eliminating up to 7 different apps in the payments process
Paytron covers all bases to drive efficiency across finance operations for businesses. Manage funds, make and receive payments, and oversee employee spend all in one place.

3. Ensures good financial governance around business spending
Using our payment approvals settings, indicate which team members can approve payments and how many approvals are required before payments are scheduled for execution.

4. Offers more flexibility in cash management options
Open Global Business accounts in domestic or foreign currencies. Manage uncertainty, cost and FX risk. A gateway to paying and receiving payments worldwide without fuss.

5. Simplifies expense management
Free yourself from chasing employees for receipts, owing employees money or processing reimbursements. Issue every employee with a corporate card and process all card payments in Paytron.

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