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The Essential Business Advisory & Client Management Tool for Accountants

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight

PANALITIX + MYOB. A business advisor's dream.

A seamless data integration with MYOB AccountRight Live means you can forecast & improve cashflow with scenarios that become so obvious from viewing one simple dashboard in PANALITIX.

Facilitate innovation with the applications logic that helps you keep an eye on your clients financial performance and recommend business advisory solutions to them.

Every cloud should have a PANALITIX lining.

PANALITIX helps you to be a real time accountant and have conversations with clients about the future rather than the past based on their numbers. Some of the greatest features of PANALITIX are how you benefit, for example, you can use the: Firm & Client Dashboard, Planning & Growth Equation, Trends Analysis, Quick Targets, 3-way Rolling Cashflow, Future Plans, Client Alerts & White-labelling.

One dashboard. Countless opportunities.

With a beautifully simple and neatly presented colour-coded alert system, you can see a real-time snapshot of how all your clients are tracking, monitor their performance and take appropriate action, all from the one screen. The Firm Dashboard highlights your clients targets vs actuals, irrespective of which cloud solution they're using. The Client Dashboard also let you view active alerts, review financials and reference advice as to what to look for to rectify any KPIs tracking below target.

Make static data jump off the page, with the click of a button.

Scared of talking to your clients? Let the Growth Equation guide a powerful conversation about what can be achieved in their business for you! With just the click of a button it highlights small changes that can have dramatic results. Supported by an extensive library of video training, agendas and checklists, including a full mock client meeting.


"We rate PANALITIX as head and shoulders above everyone else; as content providers and as an offering" Craig Stanmore, Jaques Stanmore Financial Group

"I've been looking for one easy to use system where I can present key client data, perform what-if & forecasting. now I have it!" Paul Martin, CA

"I ran a BPR and Growth Equation which lead to a quarterly monitoring service for a client. Saw increase in fee from client from $2,000 PA to $12,000 PA." Troy Townley, HTA Advisory

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